Daily command lines tools that everyone should know - Part II

By techKnowHow | technocraft | 1 Jan 2021

Happy New Year Friends, first I would like to thank everyone for liking and giving support to my previous blog mostly focused on beginner level command line usage today I come back with the continuation to the last one and bring more command line knowledge for all programming enthusiast and newbies.

Since this is second part in my blog series I will start right away with the command line please give 2 minute read to my previous blog if something is not clear to you or let me know in comment section if I missed something I will do my best to reply back with the most accurate answer as per your query.

First one in our list for todays is : 

ls -lah -> Again building forward on our last blog this command is nothing but just a simple extension of the previous "ls -la" command which means please Mr. command line interpreter give me the list of the directories and objects within my current working directory along with other properties associated with each of those files and directories, also display me all the hidden directories and files as well.

Finally the -h flag in this command means make it in human readable format e.g 1100 byte size can be represented by 1K similarly 4342 bytes can be represented as 4,3K byte

E.g Below you can see my UBUNTU screen when I type "ls -lah" command the result is list of all the files and folders along with hidden ones that are sitting in my current directory also we see all the file/folder size numbers are given in human readable format like 4.0K,  8.8K etc.


For MAC users also just type "ls -lah" command on the terminal window by pressing ctrl+alt+T keys on keyboard to open a new terminal window.f7ef61f4b854c102fa2c8f51cfd7ed56159cba9528dbda1154c6cb4005063598.jpeg

Lets now see our second command line for today :

mkdir -> With this command I can create a new directory of my choice with desired name in the current working directory. This way when you want to start your project and place all the relevant documents in that project you can use this command to create a directory for your project name.

e.g: Below when I hit "mkdir rt" command in my terminal and followed by I use "ls- l" command to list all the files and folder in the current working directory I can see that there is a new directory called "rt" is created with the default size of 4096 bytes or rather 4K bytes, a small exercise tell me why I said 4K bytes instead of 4096? What does it signify comment below ..


Lets now see our third command line for today :

rmdir -> I think this command does not need an explanation since its all clear by its name itself that Mr. command line interpreter please remove the directory as I don't need it. Although simple but very powerful command so please use it responsibly by just its small usage you can remove all the directories of your work from the system which will be then hard to then get back if there is no backup in place.

e.g: Below when I hit "ls -l" before and after I use rmdir command followed by the directory name that I created before using mkdir command you can see that our directory rt has been removed from the current working directory.


Lets now see our fourth command line for today :

more -> If I am interested in reading the content of a file which is currently sitting in my current directory the command "more" can be used to display the information about that file.

E.g: Below when I hit "more examples.desktop" where examples.desktop is some file containing some text information we can clearly see that the interpreter displays information and at the end of the screen you can see --More--(7%) which means that approximately 7% of the content within this file is being displayed at this moment, you can look further into this file by pressing enter button on your keyboard or if you are not interested to look any further then you can simply click ctrl+c key on the keyboard to cancel this operation and come back on your command line terminal.


That's all for today folks please stay connected for further upcoming updates over this blog and much more. Also thank you very much for supporting my channel. Wish all of you a great year ahead!!!

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