Beermoney taking its toll; Learn programming

By ThePeasant | Techno-Garden | 9 Jun 2020

For a while i have been involved in the small earnings like beermoney, faucet, PTC, surveys and so on... Hence, why im also here. I come from Europe, where theres actually plenty of jobs, and even collecting bottles from the streets, can get me more then i earn i two days - after claiming every hour, watching all the videos and ads.. Its desperet.
I assume that alot of people who is taking such measures, is because of bad conditions. In my place, a dollar cant buy my anything, but for other people it can be several dishes of food.

All these small earnings is a good example of a garden that hasnt been maintained for years.. all kinds of wild flowers are blooming, and the weed is talking a toll. A whole culture is blooming, like pyramid schemes, bad marketing, bad company ethics. The problem is else where, like the one who cant get a job. I hope people will change attitude to these sites. I even wanna go so far to recommend people creating bots.. 'Farmers'.. (If you want it that way).. to give it all a good shake!

What do you think? Does your country do well with the economic situation?

Sorry for any grammar mistakes.. Im working on it :D

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