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Smart contracts

Which smart contract to choose?

By Chadayan | Technical Discussions | 10 Nov 2021


If you have an idea for an application in blockchain where do you develop it? Where do you deploy it? 

Smart contract

A programable blockchain in simple terms. There are plenty of explanations over the net explaining what are they. My intention is not to define or explain what smart contracts are. 

How to choose a development platform?

Traditionally, there are a lot of debates about which 'Programming language' to choose to develop an application. For example, the debates were between:

  • C vs CPP
  • CPP vs Java
  • Java vs VB
  • Java vs C#
  • Java vs Python 
  • JSP vs PHP

These are just a few historical examples. 

So if you have an idea for an application/website, which technologies you are going to choose? In the crypto world maybe we need to think about how/where we are going to deploy them too. 

Java, Python, C#, JavaScript and Go, etc are a few of the popular choices we have these days to choose from. When a designer/architect chooses where I am going to develop there are many choices/decisions involved in this. Not just the best programming language. 

In my view, Java is the best-marketted programming language. So it is easy to find people who know Java than the best programming language available. The same may be true with Python or JavaScript. 

I choose here just 3 languages here to list.


In my understanding(I am not any form an expert), solidity has the initial movers advantage. Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, Avalanche, Solana, etc all can deploy applications developed on Solidity. There are a lot of applications already available on these platforms.



Even though Gavin Wood(Polkadot) designed solidity. Polkadot parachain smart contracts can be developed in Ink(I think that is a version of Rust )version a right use of the word?). 


Cardano smart contracts can be written in this language. 



Surely this writing is not a well-researched one. Just my curiosity. 

There are two questions. 

  • If you have an idea to develop an application what language you choose and where do you deploy them(sure you have to option if the same language is supported by multiple chains)
  • If you want to learn to write smart contracts, then which language do you want to choose to learn? 


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