Rarible experience!

Rarible experience!

By Chadayan | Technical Discussions | 3 Nov 2020

Maybe it is just me. But I feel it is not that easy and intuitive for people to use them. At least not for the time being.

I thought it is a platform for artists who don't have much technical knowledge. But my experience is exactly the opposite. 


As they suggested I have used the Fortmatic. As usual, I expected I need a login in https://fortmatic.com/. But I was wrong! we don't need a login from fortmatic. I am not sure why people assume we all know how fortmatic works.  

Why this screen comes every time?


I have selected 'Don't show this screen again' all the time but it seems I don't have any effect. 

Email or phone?


I have used my email 


The problem for me is I am not getting the code in my email in 30 seconds most of the time. Yeah! again it is my mistake I use yahoo mail :) 

I have added the fund now how can I change my account from email to phone? No Idea!!  So I have to live with the email? 

My big problem is These steps I have to do almost every 10-15 min. The system gets log out very frequently. 


Create a Collectible

Sometimes I get this, sometimes I don't!


If I don't get this screen, I have no idea where is my saved item. Is there a way to recover it? or there is a catch phrase saying it is saved in the browser!! 

Publishing the work


I clicked on the Mint token(No idea what that means) On the next screen I get this error on the confirm button. 



I have reached here. Now no clue what to do next. 


Does anyone have any idea what I can do to resolve my issue? 


:) I write but who reads?

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Technical Discussions

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