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By mohdfajas | Technical crypto | 25 Feb 2024

Its been a while since I posted anything. I hope everyone is well and good and is enjoying their beautiful day.
While scrolling through reels I happened to saw something about amazon KDP and from understanding its been running for some time but i come to know about it just recently. For anyone who don't know its a program by amazon for individuals to publish their books and literature. You can write stories, novels or anything and if it fits the criteria you can publish it on KDP and amazon will sell it on their platform and even on kindle. You can even sell notebooks, diaries or anything you can create and after the review your book will be published and you can set the price and you will get profit on every time the book is sold.

After some research and learning I published a journal as a test product and after review it got published and I set the price to minimum as I can so I will not earn anything if it sells. I created a 350 pages journal for people who have habit of writing their dairies or experiences on a daily basis. I created this to get a feel of the process and I would like to create more books in the future with proper planning and I will share the information's on the way.

If anyone is interested in checking out my product, You can click Here RELECT JOURNAL
The name of the Journal is REFLECT 2024 and if you like the product you can leave a review. You can also use it as normal notebook or notepad in case and its convenient because of 350 pages. Hoping to hear anyone's feedback. Until next time wishing everyone a happy day and thanks for checking out my post.

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