I made my first cent on Leofinance

By mohdfajas | Technical crypto | 30 Jul 2022

I started my blogging journey in a platform called publishOx. First when I started i read articles written by other creators and I will be rewarded and after a bit it felt boring and I found out that I can write my own articles and that's how my blogging journey began. I wrote my first article and I immediately got some nice 100 plus something views and some reward in crypto form. After writing some more articles I began to find out about other platforms as well and I began to post in every platform.

The platforms I found about includes Leofinance which runs on top of hive ecosystem and hive features
In publishOx its very motivating as even if it's your first post you will get some decent views and some feedback and it will encourage you to write more. But not in Leofinance I posted about five or six articles in Leofinance and I haven't able to crack the code and I didn't get a single reward or interaction. Also it takes resources credit to post on Leofinance and it will used while you do things in there and it includes posting articles and once it finishes it takes a day or three to charge again. Also I felt like not posting there because basically it's no benefit. Keep in my mind that this articles performed decently in other platforms according to my standards as I was just begun.
But I didn't stop and posted there anyway and my last post earned my first cent in Leofinance. The post was about the reintegration of eth into publishOx. Its not a lot about the money as it is literally 1 cent that earned on that post but I made it and it made me happy anyway.

I will put the screen shot below


Thanks for checking out my post and see you in a bit

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