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FTM Technical Analysis - Resistance Fair Value Gap Turned Support. *Smart Money Concept*

Video of the Description of the Analysis Below (15 Minutes, Rumble)

FTM Price Action on 2-3-23

In Smart Money, there are specific candle formation that will lead to a lot of clues to price action results. Yesterday FTM was the product child of those clues. Currently, the price has hit the top od the daily / weekly fair value gap. I just closed my long position because I expect it to retrace to thebottom of the weekly fair value gap, which in turn is also a breaker. These will act as support so once price reaches $0.548 we should see that support start working it's magic

Current chart label (1) Lower time frame

It could retrace to the bottom of the order block which would balance the chart on a weekly level and then would also turn bullish at$0.51885 - See chart two higher time frame

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( 1 ) Current Chart


(2) Larger Time Frame






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I'm a strategic Smart Money trader. I do not adhere to any retail trade ideas such as trendlines, channels, Harmonics, Supply Demand, double tops are "safe" resistance, nor double bottoms are safe support. Imbalances and liquidity pools is where you earn

Technical Analysis - Smart Money Concepts
Technical Analysis - Smart Money Concepts

Student of Inner Circle trader, privately mentored for a year. I'm taking his principles and applying them to Crypto Charts. And they work. These are a collection of Smart Money Technical Analysis Ideas. You can usually find them on my Tradingview account "BodiesXWix" as well. This is an additional outlet to publish.

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