Filling the imbalance before the long

FTM QUICK SCALP NOW *Smart Money Technical Analysis*

It hit the middle of the fair value gap you can long it until it hits the top but watch out it might come falling down fast. So be ready to clodse it and short it for the rest of thE fair value gap, as price seeks imbalance in the chart. Close and short near 0.538 then long near 0.50785

EDIT: It's being super picky and I thjink it's gpoing to hit the bottom of the last order block which has a liquidity void prior to it's last bullkish candle at $0.53961

Scalp upSeeking out imbalances


If  it has a hard time getting above .5359 short it the rest of the way to the entrance. 



I feeel like this was meant to happen suck everybody long before it actually goes long. Its gonna go up jus t enoughj for people to thjijnk they have a ride out, it'll hit thayt top FAIR VALUE GAP then look left... those candles tell you exactly where it's going

It's ghonna breeak above just to drop

And theres the punch up


punch up to fall


It'll fill in the rest of that gap mentioned above then drop to the bottom of that next fair value gap at least, it's more of a redeliver-rebalance.



NOW: waiting on it to hit $0.59361

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I'm a strategic Smart Money trader. I do not adhere to any retail trade ideas such as trendlines, channels, Harmonics, Supply Demand, double tops are "safe" resistance, nor double bottoms are safe support. Imbalances and liquidity pools is where you earn

Technical Analysis - Smart Money Concepts
Technical Analysis - Smart Money Concepts

Student of Inner Circle trader, privately mentored for a year. I'm taking his principles and applying them to Crypto Charts. And they work. These are a collection of Smart Money Technical Analysis Ideas. You can usually find them on my Tradingview account "BodiesXWix" as well. This is an additional outlet to publish.

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