I Am Not Impressed by AI

By Debesh Choudhury | TechFuture | 7 Dec 2023

I am not impressed by artificial intelligence or AI.

I am not in favor of AI, whether it is GPT-based ChatGPT by Microsoft-supported (owned) OpenAI or its counterpart Bard by Google or any other technology companies.

  • There are several reasons why I don't use AI tools.

  • Believe me, all reasons are not based on future threats of AI.

There are many obvious and practical reasons why I and some are not using AI.


AI systems don't possess empathy.

  • Can AI systems love living beings?

  • Does the AI software possess empathetic feelings?

An entity without empathy can do any evil!

Think about a device entity solely governed by AI, and it performs important jobs of humans, but it doesn't possess any empathy!

  • What would happen if humans didn't have empathetic feelings?

  • All their actions would have been very mechanical and synthetic.

Empathy-less humans would have made harsh and cruel decisions without thinking much about their adverse impact on society.

  • Real humans with empathy and compassion generally don't do that. Criminals can do anything that can have adverse impacts on society.


AI tools lack the creativity and human touch.

  • I have seen AI-generated content, i.e., text, images, audio, video, and multi-format content.

  • I have listened to music generated by AI tools.

After consuming some AI-generated content, I realized AI can generate content quickly, which human hands may take a considerable length of time.

  • But, in AI-generated content, the creativity of a human is missing!

The digital marketing department of a company may run with minimal staff and AI tools. However, this marketing content may not yield the impact that it would have received from human-generated content.

A good director and producer of a movie may NOT accept AI-generated musical scores and songs!


AI tools can't solve optical system design problems.

  • Optical system design is an area where AI won't be able to perform.

  • If someone tries to use AI for an optical system design job, it would result in a catastrophic end!

Ronian Siew, an expert in optical system design, commented on my recent post about why AI won't be able to solve design problems for optical systems.


Ref: Source

More recently, Ronian Siew explained why they will not use AI for solving optical system design problems.


Ref: Source


Where may I try using AI?

I must cite an example where I may utilize AI to help me.

  • Suppose I have a photograph of a populous gathering using a camera from a faraway location.

  • It is almost impossible to count the humans in the snapped picture and guess the number of people in the crowd!

I may utilize an AI tool to make an approximate guess about the number of humans present in the gathering.


Where I will NEVER trust AI.

  • Suppose a cybersecurity company claims it helps clients improve authentication security using a proprietary and patented AI security solution!

I may not trust their AI tool's claimed performance to improve the security of any authentication system.

  • I will never advise adopting such AI tools in a banking system's authentication and transaction processes.

  • A banking system requires a deterministic solution to serve the clients.

Banks can't rely on a statistical solution of AI software to secure their authentication and financial transactions.


AI suits limited use cases of real-world problems.



  • AI has already created a ripple in tech-savvy people's minds.

  • More and more people have started to believe that AI will make magical impacts on lives in the real world.

  • More and more companies are stepping forward to adopt AI with big hopes of improving business.

But, people need to realize that AI, like other scientific and technological innovations, may have only a limited area of applications.

  • The sooner the tech-savvy people understand it, the better they will find appropriate applications that suit AI usage.

AI can not solve every problem of the real world.




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Dec 07, 2023

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