Go for "Regenerative I," NOT "Generative AI"

By Debesh Choudhury | TechFuture | 13 Mar 2024

What is the need of the time?

There is so much hype about AI applications.

In my novice understanding, we don't need to bother about "Generative AI."

  • Instead, we must bother about ourselves.

So, let us concentrate on "Regenerative I."


Graphics: By Duckleap Free Resources from Pixabay.


Let us concentrate on "Regenerative I"

Well, "Regenerative I" is not my invention.

I read it in a post on LinkedIn.

  • One of my connections, an academician from Indore, India, wrote it.

  • I am not sure whether the coinage is their original.

They mentioned "Regenerative I" in a post about their homeschooling project.


Be careful while choosing AI for any work.

There is no harm in looking for a new technology or method.

  • We must not stop learning. So, learning something new is always good.

But please remember that AI is a work-in-progress subject.

  • Even if a big tech corporation or your bank asks (requests) you to adopt their new AI application, please think many times before accepting its use.

If their new AI applications perform catastrophically, they may not take any responsibility. They will pass the aftereffects of the catastrophe on to you, referring to the license agreement you signed/accepted before adopting it!


You may miss your natural skills if you put more time into AI.

  • The effect of not practicing basic skills and trades can be significant.

You may miss practice in your natural human trades and skills development if you continually depend on AI and automation.

  • The effect of getting out of practice in a trade or skill is worse.

  • Can you afford to get unskilled in your main subjects?

Just think of it and do something to practice your main trade and skills.


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March 14, 2024

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