Cryptocurrency Promotion is a MUST. But How?

By Debesh Choudhury | TechFuture | 3 Nov 2023

Every cryptocurrency must adopt a promotion strategy.

Any cryptocurrency needs a solid promotional campaign to get adopted by the people.

A solid promotional strategy is a must to yield positive results.

I guess, Bitcoin think tank has been promoting BTC right from the beginning.

The strategy might have changed, but it is still effective in giving BTC positive publicity among the common masses.

We can take examples from a hard fork of Bitcoin known as BitcoinCash or BCH.


ReadCash is a blogging system to promote BitcoinCash, aka, BCH.

A few years ago, any random article on ReadCash would fetch high rewards irrespective of its quality.

Incidental bloggers were so happy to join and pour rant articles every day.

Most bloggers might think that ReadCash's random reward was a golden time.

  • It was purely an advertising campaign for the BitcoinCash promotion.

The team BCH experimented to promote BCH among the common mass.


Now, the "golden" reward-based promotion of BCH is at a halt.

  • The BitcoinCash promoting project (ReadCash) seems to be at a halt.

I am sure that the BTC project still pays many social media influencers, news media, and bloggers to make propaganda around the cyber media.

It is high time the BCH project decided to choose the most effective way of promoting BCH to the common masses.

  • The BCH project has a large group of coders, developers, and technologists.

The BitcoinCash promoting project (ReadCash) must be revived if it looks forward to getting people to use BCH.


How to promote a cryptocurrency most effectively?

  • The active stakeholders of the cryptocurrency project must decide how to promote it.

  • Random rewards were an effective approach to lure bloggers to the BCH-powered ReadCash blogging platform.

  • But, how much it served to make people use BCH in everyday life is a question.

  • CashRain serves the dual purpose of BCH promotion and marketing campaigns.

  • Here too, the alluring people to "click" and earn are the main tools.

Random airdrop rewards are similar to the old tactics of the kings to shower coins over the crowd of poor citizens.

  • Pouring money on AI tools for advertisement would be the biggest mistake!

The cryptocurrency think tank has to find people who can beat the AI-driven algorithms and win in the propaganda campaigns of cryptocurrencies.




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Nov 03, 2023

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