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By Debesh Choudhury | TechFuture | 6 Feb 2022

What is your default web browser?

Most people use computers and mobile phones with preinstalled proprietary operating systems. They use either the proprietary software vendor's default web browser or use their own choicest web browsers.

I stopped using proprietary operating systems long ago. I had switched to Linux, and Open Source Software since 1999. Debian GNU/Linux is now my default operating system. Top 100 Microsoft Azure Cloud clients prefer Linux over Windows. Microsoft loves Linux because Linux gives them business profit.

It gives Mozilla Firefox as the default browser in its basic installation. I have experimented with many other web browsers, including Opera, Google Chrome, etc.

After testing Brave Browser intermittently since 2018, finally I settled for Brave Browser about a year ago. Brave Browser is a privacy-oriented web browser with a lot of features, such as advertisement blocking, viewing the web3.0 enabled "Unstoppable Domains" and many more.

Making Brave Browser your default web browser will be the right decision for many reasons. Brave Browser will save you from mainstream tech's data harvesting tactics. Brave Browser will make your Internet browsing efficient and safe.


What is a web browser?

Video 01: "Top 5 Best Web Browsers to Use in 2022!"

A web browser is like a window through which you can see the external world using the gifts of technology - the Internet. It is the technological window to establish a direct connection with the external world away from your home.

A web browser is an application software you need to run for viewing websites over the Internet. In technical language viewing websites on the Internet is known as web browsing. You can view websites, see news, send and receive emails, chat with your friends, carry out an Internet search, and a lot more.

People using a proprietary operating system, such as Microsoft Windows, generally use the Microsoft Internet Explorer (earlier), which has now been replaced by a new product called Microsoft Edge.

There are many open-source web browsers that are feature-rich and free software. We have Mozilla Firefox which is by far the most popular. Many users prefer the Google Chrome browser, which is also free and open-source software.

The interested readers may view the video above to know which are the top five web browsers that Internet users have been using and will use in 2022.

As an all-time GNU/Linux user, I tested many web browsers and finally adopted Brave Browser as my default web browser.


What is Brave Browser?

Brave software developed a web browser named "Brave Browser, " different from many of its proprietary counterparts. Brave gives an excellent and safer experience of browsing through the Internet superhighway.

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Brave Browser is your window through which you browse the Internet, connect with your relatives and friends, view your popular shows, access your bank accounts, emails, and whatnot.

Brave Browser remains with you constantly to provide the privacy you need to protect your personal data from being tracked by the big techs and other data harvesters.

Brave Browser can protect your personal data with a privacy shield and block unauthorized advertisements that add up in your Internet browsing time and battery power drainage.

Thus Brave Browser is super fast and saves the battery life of your laptop and mobile devices. Forget the past when big techs could easily access your personal data through the traditional web browser's security holes. Today, Brave Browser provides you the privacy, security, and faster Internet access.


Multiple features of Brave Browser

Brave Browser has got several good features that you won't get in other web browsers. If you are interested in privacy-secured web browsing, Brave Browser will be the best choice.

  • In the default installation, all advertisements are blocked in Brave Browser. Advertisement blocking makes web browsing faster.

Brave offers an option to authorise selected advertisements to show their product information. By aggreing to watch a limited number of advertisements, you can earn Brave's crypto token BAT (Basic Attention Token). This feature is called Brave Rewards.

  • If you enable Brave Rewards, you earn BAT quasi-passively while browsing by viewing advertisements on Brave Browser. You can choose how many advertisements you permit Brave to pop (currently maximum 10 per hour). Rewards earned are paid monthly and go directly to your verified crypto wallet. Last month, BAT rose to almost US$2.

Brave also created a native cryptocurrency wallet called Brave Wallet.

  • Brave Wallet is most probably the first secure crypto wallet built directly into the browser. There are no extensions, and hence no extra steps are needed. That means Brave Wallet is less vulnerable to faked versions of the apps, phishing, and stealing.

Brave recently launched a video conferencing feature called Brave Chat. It is a free facility and users can access this facility to have one-to-one video conferencing free of cost, which is end-to-end encrypted.

  • It is basically the open-source jitsi-meet I have checked. Brave installed jitsi-meet on their servers as an open-source software company and extended the video chatting feature to its users.

Brave incorporated a feature for native viewing of the decentralized web domains without any need to add any external web extension. The feature can be availed of by enabling "Unstoppable Domains" viewing options. in the browser settings.

  • It is an excellent feature for native viewing of the decentralized web on Brave.

In short, Brave Browser has got multiple features in a single package.


Bringing it altogether

Brave Browser is your privacy-focused window through which you browse the Internet, connect with your relatives and friends, view your popular shows, access your bank accounts, emails, and many more.

Brave Browser blocks advertisements and saves a lot of time in browsing tasks. Thus, Brave Browser is super fast and saves the battery life of your laptop computers and mobile devices. If you use Brave Browser, the big techs can't collect your personal data.

Brave browsers provide multiple features, including advertisement blocking, Brave Rewards, Brave Wallet, Brave Chat, and native viewing of the web3.0 domains, in a single software package that is completely freely available.



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