Can You Search Your Blog on the Internet?

By Debesh Choudhury | TechFuture | 27 Mar 2022

Internet search is a good way others can find your work.

When I started to write full-length articles and short-form update posts on LinkedIn in 2014, I didn't know about the importance of Internet search on online blogging.

I read a lot of good articles by many writers on ReadCash, Publish0x, LinkedIn, and elsewhere. Many of these blogs are written by writers with real-life names or arbitrary pen names. The important question here is whether these blogs are indexed by the Internet search engines or not.

People always associate Google with an Internet search. My tech-savvy friends and I call it simply "Internet search." Why? Because there are plenty of Internet search engines like Google. I use many search engines, such as DuckDuckGo, Brave Search, Presearch.


Does your blogger profile appear in an Internet search?

Most bloggers here are pretty happy - because they are earning handsome tips from the platform algorithm. As long as the bloggers earn a good amount of tips in BCH equivalent to the most popular fiat currency called the dollar, they are satisfied.

Why should a blogger bother about the Internet searchable blogger profile, or think whether their blogs are indexed by the Internet search engines or not?

There are enough reasons why bloggers should think about the Internet searchability of their blogging works, as well as their blogging profiles.


Can people find your blogs by an Internet search?

I know and very well understand that you are not a newbie. Most of you are spending six-plus months on dot-cash platforms. Some of you crossed the first anniversary year. A few of the bloggers touched even the two-year mark.

When I search the names or titles of the popular blogs in various Internet search engines, I am surprised to get mostly zero search results. So, the blogging articles don't get indexed under most Internet search engines.

That means people can not find your blogger profile and blog articles under the Internet search. It means bloggers who write only here may not get visibility in the web search results.


Try searching your blog article under the Internet search engines

I have tried searching titles from the blog article published here. Unfortunately, most of my ReadCash titles don't appear in the search results. Let me show an example.

I run a search with the title of a recent article, i.e., Music is Peace: "Yohani Sings." The Brave Search has found a link to the article under the ReadCash writing community "Movie, Music, and Literature." The screenshot below shows the search result with the ReadCash link in the fifth place.


Graphics: A bordered screenshot of the Internet search result under Brave Search.

I am surprised to see that the search results contain the searched text title in the fifth place of the search results but under the heading of the writing community.

I am happy to find at least an indirect result of finding my ReadCash article under my newly created ReadCash writing community. Thus, some texts of the blogs are getting indexed in the Internet search engines.


The benefit of Internet searchable blog and blogger profile

You get some benefits if your blogger profile and blog posts are searchable under Internet search engines.

  • People around the world can find your blogging works.

  • Your blogs may get automatic promotion to a broader audience.

  • You may get a blogging gig from international clients.

Many of you may get some writing gigs out of your blogging journey at ReadCash and elsewhere. If you have enough money earned and don't want any additional writing job, you can very easily decline.

But, if your blogger profile and the blog articles don't appear under the Internet search, the external writing job opportunity won't come via web search.


Bringing it altogether

  • It will be fantastic to have an Internet searchable blogger profile and blog.

  • Web search results may get the bloggers writing gigs outside the blogging platform.

Can bloggers do anything to improve the SEO (search engine optimization) status of their blogs?

  • Maybe, they can consider writing a couple of hashtags in the text body of their articles. However, that may not help optimize the searchable indexes under the global web search.

Internet searchability of blogs depends on the SEO status of the blogging platform. We can hope that our blogger profile and blogs here will be indexed by different Internet engines in the near future.



I practice Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). I have also added, "Arts" and "Fine Art" to my interests. So, my current interests become STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

I actively develop solutions for password and cybersecurity relevant to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other block-less distributed ledgers.


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March 26, 2022.

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