Best ways to earn at home. --- Part 01

By Oenomel | Tech--Wizard | 30 Sep 2020

1. Sign up for websites such as Fiverr, which offers services such as design, web creation, writing business plans, marketing for Instagram, and account management for social media (gig economy).

2. Teaching kids via an online platform is another great way to make money. It is enough for children to be taught in a fun way. We arranged a children's 14-day online workshop. Up to Rs 250-350 per child per hour per day can be obtained. You can add your profile on many online tuition websites .


3. There are individuals who have received tens of thousands by selling junk products through sites like OLX and eBay during the lockdown time that they feel they do not need at home.

4. Organize innovative contests on the sites of social media. Involve people in these and give away stuff for your services or goods, such as discount coupons. The acceptance of your service will be improved by this. Entry fees can be paid as well.

5. There are several courses in digital marketing that cost less than Rs 1,000. You may use it in digital marketing to acquire expertise. Here's how you can bring one together for your digital marketing start-up to use.

6. Are you a fine writer ...? For blogs and websites, this skill can be used to write content. There are several blogs and brands that are searching for writers of content that can operate from home. Per the post, remuneration can vary from Rs 500 to Rs 3,000.

7. They canΒ  promote a course via social media by conducting interviews with experts from distinct fields. You can earn Rs 10 lakh if you charge Rs 500 per person for this course and about 2000 individuals from all over India buy it. There are plenty of individuals who earn that way.


8. Build an authentic e-book via Amazon and social media about any area you specialize in and sell it.

9. Using the opportunities on websites such as and, you can gain income from home.

10. You can begin a live video online course like 'Magic of Change'. By uploading documented video courses to sites such as Yudami, Teachable, and Lane World,.. you can also make money.

The possibilities are not limited to these 10.


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