What is the best stablecoin?

By Austras | Tech-tutor | 28 Sep 2021


Stablecoin summary

All stablecoins are different and manage their 1:1 peg differently. There are centralized, decentralized, fiat backed, crypto backed, algorithm backed etc. But which is the best and what coin has the least amount of negatives? It depends on what is most important for you, let's take a look at the most notabale ones.


The largest and oldest stablecoin. Created and backed in dollars by Bitfinex who controls and manages supply as a central admin. Known as the most adopted stablecoin being found at almost all exchanges. It has some trouble as the fiat backing hasn't been verified to be over 10% along with Bitfinex having some questionble coin minting practices.


A stablecoin created by Coinbase & Circle that is 100% backed by fiat dollars. This reserve is audited monthly and managed by a joint cooperation between the two founders known as Centre. Recent upgrades allows for payment in gas fees in USDC.

Binance USD

Managed and created by Binance & Paxos, used mainly on the Binance exchange platform. Is also fiat backed with a monthly audit by Paxos that verifies supply. Originally a ERC-20 token but now also exists on the Binance Smart Chain.


A stablecoin hosted by the TERRA ecosystem which hosts a large number of stablecoins. Kept stable by a TERRA collateral & managed by smart contracts which are managed by Terraform Labs. One of the largest decentrlazied stablecoins.


A stablecoin created by Maker DAO and is currently the largest decentralized stablecoin. Is pegged to a 1:1 value by ERC-20 tokens which act as collateral, if the 1:1 is lost the DAI is burnt in exchange for the collateral.


A stablecoin hosted by TrustToken and backed by fiat. Audited monthly and exists on ERC & BSC currently. One of the smaller stablecoins but has had a solid track record.


Created by AMPL Optimization and runs on decentralized ERC-20 smart contracts. Doesn't have any backing, the supply is adjusted daily so that a 1$ peg is kept. 



Most of the weaknesses Vs. strengths of different stablecoins come down to backing & centralzation. If you plan on holding value in a stablecoin for longer time you might want to pick out a favorite you place trust. The fiat backed centralized coins are more widely adopted and easier to find & use as well as fluctuate less in price. The crypto backed or algorithm backed place no trust in one central governing body but can have a more wide swining price.


All stablecoins have positives & negatives, which you decide to use is up to you

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