How I passed the Microsoft AI-900 Certification

After about a month of on and off studying for the AI-900 exam, I finally took it and passed. This was the first of the many Microsoft certifications I am able to test for, for free (link below to my blog post). Just to put it out there, I have had training in the past on Artificial Intelligence while working on my post-graduate degree, so the AI concepts were a refresher to me. I mostly studied the features of Microsoft Azure as it pertained to AI. 


The first thing I did was Downloaded the outline and took the free Learning Path from the Microsoft Website. I took reviewed the learning path on my personal laptop, so I don't know how well it will work if you only have a mobile device. The learning path does have you follow along as you build no-code AI processes on Microsoft Azure. It's definitely good to go through it, but I don't think it's necessarily needed to pass the exam. 


While commuting to work and while I was working, there were a few AI-900 Study Guide Youtube videos I listened to. My favorites are below.

AI-900 Study Guide (46 mins): 
AI-900 Exam Video Playlist by A Guide To Cloud (about 1 hour): 


I did the previous tasks off and on over the course of about a month.

A couple of days prior to taking my scheduled exam I took a couple of practice exams to get myself a little more comfortable. 


So, in the end, I now have my first Microsoft Certification of many I plan to obtain and it cost me nothing but my time. I hope this information is helpful to anyone trying to go for exams and I'll be sure to post another "How I passed ...", when I take my next IT certification. 


Another resource that I found, but didn't use. 


Check out my blog post to learn how to take some Microsoft Certifications for free: 


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Training that is free or Low cost
Training that is free or Low cost

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