LAMP Hosting for VPS/ Dedicated/Cloud Server

By prasanna | Tech solutions | 7 May 2019

LAMP is one of the best web development platforms which a mixture of well known open sources software that for with each other to power dynamic web pages. It is considered as a LAMP stack because it contains four different layers and is an abbreviation for the four most popular technologies named as Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. HostingRaja is a top-rated website and cloud solution provider in India with an excellent service track record. We are trusted by more than 1,50,000+ customers worldwide. We offer LAMP hosting on all our Virtual Machine, Cloud and dedicated server hosting packages.


LAMP Virtual Server

At HostingRaja we provide VPS server hosting which supports LAMP stack. Our VPS servers are well-known for increased flexibility and reliability. We make use of best virtualization software such as KVM, VMWare for Linux server and each and every hosting solution offered by us comes with fully managed customer support.


LAMP Dedicated server

In case you are searching for better performance with increased RAM, CPU power and web space then our LAMP Dedicated hosting is the best suitable option for you. We offer Dedicated servers at affordable rates. Get powerful, fully managed Dedicated hosting with 24/7 expert customer support. By opting for our LAMP Dedicated server you will get full root access so that you can easily manage your server without any trouble.


LAMP Cloud Server Hosting

If you are looking for better uptime and scalable hosting solution than Cloud server is the best suitable option for you. Cloud instance is the perfect solution for all kind of website because of its scalable nature. In this type of hosting option sever resources can be easily scaled based on the requirement of websites.

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Tech solutions
Tech solutions

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