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By kreesher | Tech Savy | 23 Oct 2020


Uses AI Solution to reward the site's owners


The technology, known as hCaptcha, is a code that is embedded onto websites and rewards the site’s owner every time a user visiting the website verifies themselves as human.

Initially, CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) was designed to prevent robots and other automated devices from accessing web content meant for human users. Lately, this technology has transcended beyond its original application and is now a means of improving AI for leading technology companies.



According to Eli-Shaoul Khedouri, the founder of hCaptcha

The current daily average number of completed CAPTCHAs exceeds the one billion mark.




Tech giants such as Google benefit massively from this data, a situation that hCaptcha wants to change.

Essentially, this solution intends to make sure that website owners earn profits from the value created by the visitors to their sites. When a user fills out a CAPTCHA, they are contributing to the development of Goggle’s AI system. Instead of benefiting corporate giants, hCaptcha envisages an ecosystem that equitably distributes the gains from such processes and improves AI at the same time.





To use hCaptcha, AI and machine learning enterprises are required to buy HUMAN tokens and request jobs such as image labeling. Websites that have the hCaptcha feature will receive HUMAN tokens each time users verify their identity as humans. The tokens can be used within the ecosystem to purchase goods and services.



hCaptcha is operated by the HUMAN protocol, an open decentralized standard built on the Ethereum blockchain that tokenizes human labor. The HUMAN protocol was developed by programmers from MIT who have previously worked for Facebook and Dropbox. The prototype model of this solution has proven that it can seamlessly handle over a billion requests per day.



Many companies are dumping google reCaptcha and moving to hCaptcha since is much faster and doesn't collect data. One of the last companies that switch was Cloudflare.



This recaptcha has an accessibility point as well that store a cookie on your browser and makes you free of doing it for 1 hour. After that you have to renew it again on the website.

So if you are using recaptcha on your website, change to hcaptcha and start earning human tokens. 

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