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5 Legit Telegram Bots To Earn and Withdraw Free Crypto

By kreesher | Tech Savy | 22 Sep 2020

Start to earn crypto right now!

If you are new to this crypto world or just want to stack even more
you have 5 great crypto currencies you can start to earn right away and
build your portfolio.




The coins that you can earn

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • ZEC
  • Doge Coin


What you need to do

  • Install Telegram on your Windows /Mac/ iOS / Android (https://telegram.org/)
  • Identify your favorite coin on the link below ( or if you want to add all it's also a good option)
  • Click on the link and add the bot to telegram
  • Once it launches the bot –  it will present all the options*.


*Options to earn via bot

  • Visit Sites
  • Message Bots
  • Join Chats



1. BTC Click Bot – https://t.me/BitcoinClick_bot?start=YeLI

This Telegram bot allows to earn Satoshis.


2. BCH Click Bot https://t.me/BCH_clickbot?start=qyK5

Here you can earn Bitcoin Cash aka - BCH  


3. LTC Click Bothttps://t.me/Litecoin_click_bot?start=6QY2

This Telegram bot allows you to mint unlimited Litecoins.  


4. ZEC Click Bothttps://t.me/Zcash_click_bot?start=AeLa

Like others it gives the option to earn ZCash.  


5. Doge Click Bothttps://t.me/Dogecoin_click_bot?start=07aN

Earn DOGE Coins Cash aka - DOGE


In a pool full of articles and news I also struggle sometimes to understand what is legit or not.

So for that same reason, I wrote this post with the intent to bring the same insights on tools that I personally tested and know at the present date works. 

Hope this helps someone else and share with me in the comments your experience and in case you know other methods, please also feel free to add them below.

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