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By blackmagyk | Tech Reviews | 22 Sep 2020

Wireless earbuds are getting more and more popular around the world. As increasing numbers of companies submitting their designs to the global market, the industry is growing at an impressive rate. The most well-known brand has got to be AirPods by Apple. Apple pioneered the wireless earbud industry and lit a fire under the asses of under companies to start innovating. Even though personally I don't enjoy the AirPods, I love the fact they because of their existence, many other products now exist. One of these products is the AirPods competitor, Galaxy Buds.

The while the Galaxy Buds are not nearly as popular are the AirPods are, they bring a lot to the table. Starting out with the outside, the case. The case of the Galaxy Buds is made of a matte plastic material. There is a little LED light on the front indicating the battery level.



  • Red: <30%

  • Yellow: 30% - 60%

  • Green: >60%

The back of the base consists of the hinge and the charging port. The charging port is also a USB-C port adding to the list of features. And speaking of charging, the Galaxy Buds also includes Qi wireless charging. This alone (in my opinion of course) makes the Galaxy Buds superior to the Airpods. And finally, the lid, which by the way, feels incredibly satisfying. One thing to note, the lid has a point where it snaps into the open position, otherwise, it feels a little loose. Overall, very solid hardware.

Now we move on to the inside of the case, and the earbuds themselves. The inside of the white model has this slight blueish grayish color. Personally, the color contrast between this color and the white on the outside looks really nice. The charging compartments for the two earbuds also include magnets to help align the earbuds for charging and preventing them from falling out too easily.

On to the most important part of a pair of wireless earbuds, the actual earbuds themselves. The buds themselves are quite small and comfortable. The physical size of the buds is about the tip of an average thumb with a touch panel on the size. The controls themselves are really intuitive and trump most other buds that I have encountered.


  • Tap to play or pause (either bud)

  • Double-tap to skip (either bud)

  • Triple-tap to go back (either bud)

  • Tap and hold to increase volume (right bud only)

  • Tap and hold to decrease volume (left bud only)

  • Tap and hold to reach assistant (configurable)

The buds come with 3 different size tips and 2 different size wingtips which you can customize to fit your ear.

Sound quality. This is more subjective but I think it's pretty decent. For such a small package, it's really well-tuned and sounds pretty whole. The sound signature does lack a little bit of bass though. In the app, I prefer the soft setting which adds some more oomph to the base.


  • 6-hour battery life in each bud

  • The case provides 7 additional hours for each bud

  • Charging for 15 minutes will provide about 1.7 hours of battery life


You can buy the Galaxy Buds here.

*I may receive commissions on products bought through this link


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