Dining Strong

Dining Strong

By team SISU | sisu | 1 Jul 2019

Everyone’s Looking At Me.

I went to a restaurant recently, it has been ages since I have done so. The restaurant mostly served pizza and it was not all too fancy. Nonetheless, I began eating and as I so often do, unwittingly placing my elbows on the table. Following this single action, I then received multiple funny glances from all around the restaurant; realizing my mistake, I soon retreated my arms.

Mannerisms and etiquette are a big deal, whether we realize it or not I notice every restaurant has a particular expectation in regards to it. As an example, I would have appeared normal at the ramen bar or in any other setting and likely because of this there may be a cultural component to this topic. Moreover if my dining were associated with more importance such as being an interview, in the place of me eating with my famished bro, then perhaps it well worth discussing and not singularly a result of my paranoia.

Resultantly and for the modern restaurant warrior I have come up with the following dining mistakes, which should be avoided to the best of ones abilities:

-/ Speaking too loudly.
-/ Playing with your hair or earrings or touching your face or beard.
-/ Pushing away the plate or bowl when finished.
-/ Eating too fast or too slowly.
-/ Using a cell phone while dining.
-/ Poor posture.
-/ Leaving your purse, keys or eyeglasses on the table.
-/ Elbows on the table.
-/ Picking your teeth.
-/ Talking with food in your mouth or chewing with your mouth open.

As an aside, it is also not recommended to order and drink any alcohol during a significant dining event such as in the case of an interview. This is supported in an article within The Globe and Mail, stating that by associating with alcohol you likely lower your affinity with your host as well as your candidature.

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