A Good Night's Sleep

A Good Night's Sleep

By team SISU | sisu | 29 Jun 2019

Restore Productivity in Everyday.

Sleep is a quality topic. It is of utmost importance to acquire enough sleep, whether you are an athlete who needs to fully regenerate muscle before a race or a writer who needs to attend to and concentrate on a most devious task. Here are my own recommendations that I have came up with after having dug into the some of the more significant information surrounding sleep:

Learn to Relax 
take a break and do something fun you will sleep after

Nurture Friendships 
this makes you happy and sleepy at the end of your day

Eat Healthy 
well nourished it is easier to sleep and cope with stress

Avoid Stimulants 
a focus on healthy habits results in greater ease to sleep

Additional to these, there is surprisingly much more to learn relating to the topic of sleep. One of the facts I had found interesting; according to The Huffington Post, sleep is considered the third pillar of health along with exercise and nutrition.

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