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By TurtleCoin | All Crypto | 29 Jan 2021 is an entire ecosystem that spans different themes such as trading, passive income and earnings on crypto.
By registering you have the possibility of having two bonuses.
The first is 2% in CRO on the first deposit up to a maximum of 500 CRO and must be done by a wallet or an exchange that is not that will be placed directly in staking for 180 days.

The second bonus that you can get is that of referrals, after you complete the registration (KYC) through a link ref and stake a minimum of 1000 CRO you will receive a $ 10 bonus if you put in 5000 or more CROs, you will receive a $ 50 bonus that you can spend or withdraw.






What is the use of staking?
There are advantages to be said, obviously it depends on the amount of CRO you intend to stake, for example:
-1000 CRO you only get the registration bonus (10 $).
-5000 CRO you get the registration bonus (50 $), 10% APR on the CRO stake that is paid to us weekly, 10% discount on trading fees and $ 500 syndicate allocation fee.
-10000 CRO registration bonus (50 $), 20% APR, 1000 $ syndacate and in addition some exclusive promotions on pay which is the payment method in CRO accepted by some e-commerce.
The percentages are growing with the increase of CROs staked, up to 50,000,000 CROs.









What is the Syndicate?

It is a platform through which you can get different coins (depending on the sale in progress) discounted by 50%, but the amount you can buy depends on various parameters, including the amount of CRO staked and a trading volume in the last 30 days of $ 5,000 (veriable).
Based on these requirements, you are entitled to a maximum allocation which depends on the number of participants.
The more participants there are, the lower the allocation I am entitled to.





It is divided into two periods:
- Charging period lasting 30 days.
-Reward period lasting 30 days.
During the top-up period it is necessary to deposit liquidity in the form of CRO, you can deposit at any time, even on the last day, obviously the total contribution will be an average day by day (you can withdraw your CROs at any time) of how many CROs you are held in the liquidity pool.
Each coin that is distributed has a different annualized return.
During the 30-day reward period, the reward we have accumulated will be distributed to us daily for 30 days.












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