Getting started AGAIN

By tasha237 | Tasha237 | 5 May 2021

One and half a year have been passed since the world suffered because of Covid 19. We thought it will only last a year and everything will be back to normal again. Though vaccines was already out and used in some countries i guess we still have to endure it for another 2 more years before we can go back to our normal lives.

Financially, mentally and spiritually  speaking i was exhausted. Seeing news on tv, it only adds my worries especially on how things will be okay not only for me but also for my family. But everytime i wakes up, seeing my son and husband by myside, breathing....talking to me, i always end up THANKING GOD and asking HIM again to protect my family everyday. 

To those who are also feeling tired of themself, feeling exhausted, financially drained, spiritually broken.....always go back to your source of strength...

May i also recommend some books that can really boost your energy to live everyday...


You can get it here

I hoped it will helped someone out there with this inspirational books...

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Hi!im a crypto fan for a while now!!!


Crypto Enthusiast....first time on writing but who knows this maybe my calling😊

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