Third Page of My Art Notebook

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By Tarantis | Tarantis Art Notebook | 7 Jul 2023

Good day everyone, hopefully you have wonderful day.

Exploring the Third Page of My Art Notebook

Art notebooks are incredible tools for creative individuals to express themselves and explore new artistic horizons. In this blog post, I am showing you the third page of Ma Art Notebook.

Tarantis - N00P03


Page Two and Three together



Benefits of Keeping an Art Notebook

Keeping an art notebook has been a transformative experience for me, and it can be for you too. It serves as a space for creative expression, space for practice your hand, styles, allowing ideas to flow freely without judgment, and so what is most important, is keeping me so relaxed.


All pictures in this blog post are created by me and are shared with our community under CC BY-ND license.

Thank You for reading and see you with my next pages soon.


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Tarantis Art Notebook
Tarantis Art Notebook

“The sooner you step away from your comfort zone you'll realize that it really wasn't all that comfortable.” — Eddie Harris, Jr.

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