Gabriel Haines - Talking Crypto with DeFi Fry
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Gabriel Haines - Talking Crypto with DeFi Fry

When you start working in crypto, you discover your efforts generate so much more value for yourself and others. Now, you're able to invest in yourself and not just transfer wealth to the super-rich. It's about making the most of your time, and ultimately, your life.

- DeFi Fry -

In today's interview, we're talking with DeFi Fry. Fry is a long-time digital marketer and video production editor who's been helping me out big time with my content creation over the past few months. And with how much we've been working with one another, I wanted to chat with him about his background, our working relationship, and his history in marketing and DeFi.


About DeFi Fry

Fry originally got into digital marketing in an effort to get out of the rat race and take control of his own life. While I feel like I've never had a corporate "rat race" career, I know it's all-too-common for the majority of people. So I totally get why he wanted to break the chains and harness his future - to shape his life under his own terms.

DeFi Fry started his digital marketing business in 2015. Despite having little experience, he jumped in headfirst and became pretty successful at it in a relatively short amount of time. Originally, he took whichever jobs and clients he could find. Even years later, he had no particular niche or interest that he was focusing on and worked doing social media projects, blogging, web design, etc. Whatever brought in the money, that's where Fry would be.

However, that changed after one of his clients began focusing his efforts on regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy. Seeing the potential to get into this niche market, Fry began focusing completely on working with this regenerative medicine and hair transplant clinic. He even moved to Los Angeles to pursue this endeavor full-time. However, the partnership didn't go as planned. Coupled with the rising costs of living in California, he decided to start over in Las Vegas. There, he planned to work on marketing stem cell therapy resources to doctors and clinics around the country. Unfortunately, COVID-19 hit at this exact time and destroyed his business model.

Fry Finds DeFi

While DeFi Fry had a small amount of experience dabbling in cryptocurrency, his interest waned after the market crash in early 2018. Now, with his business plans completely smashed to pieces, he once again began looking into the crypto market. It was there that he first discovered the newly-emerging decentralized finance ecosystem.

As with many people, the idea of sending funds on a decentralized platform is a bit freaky. After all, one wrong move and you can send your funds into the void, never to be recovered. "Just the idea of sending your money out into space for the first time was a little bit terrifying," notes Fry. It was during this discovery phase that Fry heard about Yearn Finance. After finding out that Yearn's token was trading at a price higher than Bitcoin, he set out on a mission to understand why. And that's when he first came upon my YouTube channel.

Fry found my video on Yearn really helpful and soon began watching all of my walkthroughs and interviews. With the knowledge that he learned, he was able to begin experimenting on his own. And the more he learned, the more excited he got. The more he wanted to help out. And the more he saw his vision and purpose for the future. It was at this point that Fry decided to reach out to me.

With no compensation in mind, Fry simply informed me that he wanted to help out and return the favor. To repay the value for what he had learned from me. Being that I could use all the help I could get, I took him up on the offer. Why not, right? Worst case scenario, it was a simple misstep and a small waste of time. But Fry seemed pretty legit and I had a good feeling about it. Anyhow, that's how our relationship first began.


Working With DeFi Fry

Personally, I feel like you can add value by reaching out and proving that you're ready to hustle. For example, I first asked Fry for some clips of a recent video I had completed. I expected 3 or 4 in return and got 20+. This is a perfect example of how to make a solid impression and get where you want. Fry went above and beyond and proved that he cared. He proved his value. And that's why I knew he would be a great person to work with and help build my business.

Very quickly, Fry learned that this was exactly how the DeFi ecosystem works. You don't really have to go through the resume and standard interview process associated with normal jobs. It's all about proving you have value and that you can bring added value to a project or protocol. For many people like Fry, it's a whole new world and one that's quite refreshing to exist in. A world where you can prove your worth by displaying your skillset and output. Where you won't be hindered by red tape, pointless form-filling, and insincere enthusiasm.

Additionally, he also discovered that there were people in the crypto space building respected reputations completely anonymously. He wanted to have his work judged by its content and not who he was or who he used to be. So he chose to do the same. Thus, DeFi Fry was born.

Fry notes that this is the first time that he feels truly passionate about the space he's involved in, the work he's doing, and the value he is adding to the community. His endeavors are getting more valuable over time and he feels like he's part of something big. Something worth doing. A movement that has a real impact on the world and can help lead to a more positive, brighter future. Crypto keeps you very busy, but it's exciting and you want to be a part of this exciting new environment. Every day is a journey and you learn more all the time.


Talking NFTs

For anyone who's been living under a rock the past month, NFT's have come into the spotlight BIG TIME! They have been on the top of everyone's mind, especially after Beeple's NFT art sale which netted him over $69,000,000 for a digital art collage. People are very excited. DeFi Fry thinks NFTs are neat due to the art and history aspects of the emerging technology. He believes NFTs like Cryptopunks, recent art sales, and things going on in the independent music business have great potential to help artists of all types upset the industries which take advantage of them. However, it's the variety of use cases behind NFTs that really excite Fry.

Fry believes that the use of NFTs for concerts and event production is an untapped market. As a previous rave producer, he knows the struggles that a promoter must go through to make an event like that happen. Forget all the complexities and expenses of an operation of that kind. There are also many legal issues that arise when you begin charging for tickets, hosting guests, and tending to the safety of your attendees. He wonders if those issues might be turned on their head if concert-goers purchased an NFT ticket with crypto. Additionally, he wants to see what would happen if the audience was able to self-fund a concert and got to choose who they wanted to see.

How would they vote? Could they farm or mine ticketing and concert rewards? Fry imagines a scenario where everyone is farming and putting money into a pool that essentially stakes, returns funds, allows voters to choose performers, and then, in the end, the initial funders receive their ticket money back after the event has been paid for. Essentially the cash pays for the event and is then refunded as a thank you. An added benefit is that it's not an asset, it gets rid of scalping, delivers a constant upstream of capital if tickets are resold, etc. I noted that, at least initially, a project like this would have to probably take place online, but could be expanded to local in-person events later on. Ultimately, creating an experience with NFTs is a revolutionary way to look at the technology instead of just focusing on Gifs and jpegs.


Follow DeFi Fry

If you'd like to follow DeFi Fry, keep up with his latest projects, blogging, and musings on Twitter and Substack. I especially recommend that you check out his most recent and very well-received article here. In it, he details his journey into the DeFi universe and how he got where he is today.


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The crypto world is an ever-changing ecosystem. A living, breathing beast. A force to be reckoned with. And best of all, a rich environment with boundless opportunity. Keep yourself in the know and stay up to date on the latest in Crypto and DeFi. How? By following me of course!

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Talking Crypto with Gabriel Haines
Talking Crypto with Gabriel Haines

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