Heterogeneous Sharding Solves BlockChain's Trilema

By talkcrypto | Talkcrypto | 30 Jun 2020

Imagine a scenario, (A), where people doing 9 to 5 jobs would have to make it to their workplace on a Monday morning in a densely populated area and the only route to connect the metropolis is a single lane highway. This simply means there is bound to be a gridlock at the time that everyone is trying to make it to their different destinations but get stuck in the traffic congestion for hours. Now lets consider another scenario (B), In the same densely populated town or City, here, everyone is to use double or triple lane highway to get to their destinations, they will enjoy a traffic free movement but at some point there will still be traffic jam that may not last as long as that of scenario (A). Now lets consider the third scenario (C ), here, we have up to 5 different lanes with interconnecting diversions that leads to the metropolis, you’d quite agree with me that there will be a continuously traffic free movements that will have everyone get to their different destinations right on time.

heterogeneous sharding

In the above scenarios, (A) will be labelled a single blockchain, (B) will be labelled Sharding and ( C) Heterogeneous Sharding as shown in the diagram above. In this article I will be focusing on the uniqueness of Heterogeneous Sharding and how it can help enterprises to achieve high level scalability, security, flexibility, independence, endless and painless customization in the blockchain industry.

Lately a lot of attention has been drawn to solving blockchain industry’s most troubling challenge The Blockchain’s Trilema which has resulted to companies like Ethereum migrating from Ethereum 1.0 to Ethereum 2.0 a major upgrade that resulted to writing the entire code from the scratch which in turn comes with it’s own challenges like additional code complexity, additional consensus rules, the pain of migrating all information from 1.0 to 2.0 etc., all in a bid to implement Shard technology to make the network scale. Well, without necessarily embarking on such cumbersome systematization, QuarkChain deployed the Heterogeneous Sharding infrastructure. As described in the diagram, this infrastructure having been implemented successfully, it marks a major milestone in the blockchain industry. Heterogeneous Sharding as defined here treats each shard as one chain and each chain can configure the four components of blockchain based on its needs. Such design allows new technologies to be incorporated into a chain and such chains can be embedded into the overall system design easily. So different chains can host different consensus mechanisms, token economics, and ledger models.

Building projects on the QuarkChain’s Heterogeneous infrastructure implies that clients do not need to worry about consensus compatibility, for example, a project is developed to function perfectly with PoS Consensus while the network supports only PoW Consensus so the client will be forced to deploy on the network now and figure how to work it out in the future and yes there are quite a number of projects in this situation, but QuarkChain network supports multiple consensus on the network for clients customization. More so, QuarkChain’s cross-chain communication between shards is supported on the network making it possible for seamless interoperability between shards, a scenery that can be likened to a spectrum of colors. Clients also do not worry about expansion and upgrade possibilities as they are enabled with little efforts and no waste of resources incurred and of course a high level security guaranteed on the network.

With high TPS guaranteed, teams and developers of killer dApps aiming to satisfy a massive audience or clientele and looking forward to a network that will help their dream become reality should look no further. QuarkChain’s multi consensus infrastructure invites all to join the network and continue to make historic innovations as this is exactly how to move the blockchain industry to a greater height, by that I mean Mass Adoption.

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