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By talkcrypto | Talkcrypto | 21 Feb 2020

It is unarguably true that the value of gold has been held high for thousands of years now and even with the emergence of paper money and the newest invention of digital currencies to cryptocurrencies, the above still respectfully holds true. Bitcoin being the number one digital and cryptocurrency shocked the world with it’s all time high price of $20000 in early 2018 but suffered a slum to less than $3000 few months later due to it’s volatile nature which created doubt in the potency of it’s adoption into the day to day economy run by governments, multinational establishments and even certain class of the rich individuals.

With the founder and developers design of Bankcoin Reserve BCR a derivative of the historical gold price as well as 9 patents protected monetary innovations which establishes its intrinsic value in the Digital Economy. Patents that functions within the legal frame work on a global scale except for countries where cryptocurrency is facing tough regulations, Bankcoin Reserve defies volatility and proven potent to function as a store of value, perfect for making huge financial transfers between P2P, B2B, P2B and even Government to business and vice versa with very little transaction fee, maintaining gold value which either remains in a stable value and or increasing price value parallel the previous ceiling price of gold. Apart from the above, on the Bankcoin Reserve mainnet, BCR is mineable through it's PoW algorithm and Holders of Bankcoin can stake their BCR and earn 10% annual interest through Bankcoin Reserve Prof of Stake PoS` system.

Given that stable coins are the solutions to volatility in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and BCR being is a unique stablecoin pegged to the ceiling price per ounce of Gold means that the current price of BCR is previously the highest price per ounce of gold and this is a huge advantage in terms of high profit opportunity for holders of BCR. Compared to other Stable coins like USDT, TUSD GUSD that are pegged to fiat. BCR is much less likely to be inflated since it is harder to mine gold than it is to create money from thin air, therefore, BCR will remain a favorite with the value of the most precious metal and in the midst of any kind of economic uncertainties.

Bankcoin Reserve BCR was granted 9 Patents by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) the team's technological innovations makes the entire design and intellectual ideology stand out among thousands of blockchain projects, I was thrilled to read the innovative solutions that the technology is bringing to the banking sector one of which is THE SAVINGS AND DEPOSITS INNOVATION, an innovation that presents a new method for banks and financial institutions to use cryptocurrency for savings and deposits takings. This means banks and financial institutions can accept for example $5,000 cash deposit from customer, enter into the crypto market to purchase BCR and will Mint/Mine the said interest and transaction fees on the Bankcoin Reserve network without getting to source for interests elsewhere. Apart from that the LOAN AND FINANCE INNOVATION is another interesting patent, an innovation that allows holders of BCR walk up to a bank or financial institution and ask for a loan using their BCR as collateral and the bank in turn can generate the interest on loan through the PoS that can earn up 10% interest PA. So the collateral services the interest on loan for the agreed period while the customer returns the capital alone as at when due.

Excitingly, Bankcoin Reserve is becoming the new cool as the project journeys to mainstream. Business outlets, vendors, real estates, celebrities and many more have started accepting BCR as payment for their goods and services. It is only right to say that Bankcoin Reserve is positioned for mass adoption, I see a future where governments will resort to holding BCR as the country’s reserve, trans-boarder deals being struck with BCR, “BCR accepted here” in major business entrances. I see a wonderful future with BCR!


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