XSL Labs / SYL token / Decentralized Identity

By Talibamba | Talicrypto | 7 Mar 2021

Xsl labs


Xls Labs and his token SYL soon launch on exchange. You can already buy some SYL into ICON at launch price (project : DID, Decentralized IDentity)



But what is Xsl labs ?


XSL Labs is committed to deploying a means of identification that will allow digital identity to be verifiable and decentralised. Through an ecosystem offering alternative services and its interoperability, Secure Digital Identity will integrate perfectly with all the solutions of an ever more connected Web 3.0.


The ecosystem,

XSL Labs will offer a decentralized identifier called SDI, a distributed application store named SYL Library and an application named One that will integrate all ecosystem services.


The whole package will work as a single tool to make the user experience simpler and more enjoyable.

ABOUT TOKEN SYL (how to buy)

It will be at first launched on the bsc network, for fees purpose.

Then probably it will be deployed on other network, such erc20 or others.


You can now buy some SYL in Private Sale :


One more thing

After buying SYL through this link, don’t forget to pass your KYC, to be eligible to win 0.000001 SYL per token, per hour

Once listed, this coin has a huge increase potential...So don’t miss your chance !

You can find other information on their youtube channel :



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