Bolide Banner is the new LBRY.TV (and youtube don't like him !)

By Talibamba | Talicrypto | 26 Sep 2020


odysee logo

You've probably heard of This is a competitor service to Youtube.

Recently, became
The functionalities have not yet evolved enormously, except for the slightly more modern graphical interface.

dashboard odysee


On 25.09, the lbry application was deleted from android google play ... Youtube feels that this service is taking market share and senses the danger: D 


As proof, the LBC, which is the token distributed to all of us who watch videos on the platform, has seen its price increase!

LBC price

Discover without further delay this fantastic youtube killer.
You can use if you want my affiliate link, which will earn us all 20 LBC token$/invite/@talibamba:9

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