The mop

By Wakeupkitty | Tales | 13 Sep 2019

If you are always down like me,

Your job is boring at times scaring,

dirt and monsters are all you see

There is no need for caring.


They mentioned my hair is a mess

I should better clean, take care

believe me they would care less

If I had a hat with band to wear.


Imagine what I look and how

if dressed up with fancy accessory.

You get the picture now?

You wouldn't recognize anonymous me.


If you think I am a dirty clown

and you can fool with, spit on me

I warn you I can drag you down

and wipe you out easily!


It should actually be "The Spanish mop" that is how we call it in Dutch.


This is my entry for the daily freewrite with @mariannewest on I used the prompt hat band. To be honest it is the first time I hear about this word. I assume it is a band or ribbon around a hat?

If it comes to the prompts given it can be anything if you are not a native speaker, suffer from a slow connection and even google translate let's you down.

There was a time I wear hats but I never had a hat band.

There was a time I wear long skirts and dresses only too. It all seems so long ago. Now I wear what I don't like, what does not fit me just because of the countrylife.


You can find me on Steemit, Weku and WordPress at times too.


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I am what I am, a writer and most of all a story teller. No matter what tale you hear or read it always shares a message with you.

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