The delivery boy.

By Wakeupkitty | Tales | 22 Aug 2019

"Make me another one", she said driving the tailors crazy.

"This is not the color red I have in mind. You can not expect me wearing this... this thing tomorrow!"

"Can you please describe your red my lady", the old tailor asked. His knees nodded and he struggled to stand upright, looking her in the face.
They had been working for three days and nights to finish the badly wanted dress, exactly made it the way she had ordered it with the fabric she had chosen.

"You stupid idiots, I told you at least ten times what the red looks like, didn't I!"


Both men shrunk as she started screaming again.

It was true she always kept repeating herself and told them at least ten times, if not twenty, what color her new dress should have. The same as the red curtains around her bed.
They kept silence, stared at the ground in front of their feet and prayed she would calm down soon. Furious she thorn the dress into pieces.

"You really think I pay for this piece of shit you imbeciles! You better have my dress ready tomorrow morning or you will regret it!"

She slammed the door as she left. The two men shook for fear.

"But... this is the cloth she gave us."

"I know, I know. We better make her something new or we get not paid at all."

"No way we can make it in time. You know how much time we needed to make this one. Look what she did to it", the old tailor cried.

"Sounds you are in deep trouble", a soft voice said, "Let me help you."


A little creature sat next to the sewing machine observing the tailors.

Both men were too exhausted and upset to wonder where it came from.

"Only a miracle can save our necks. How could she not like this dress?" The old tailor had tears in his eyes and sat down. "I can't take it any longer, I am too old to fight her."

"She will like the dress", the creature said, "I promise you, she will. Get some rest." He snapped his fingers and disappeared.

What both tailors didn't know was the little creature had experience with spoiled humans. He showed up in the lady's bedroom right after she went into bed.
Before she opened her mouth to create a scene his knife flew down her throat.


"There you are", he said cheerfully.

Some use words as sharp as a knife, I prefer the knife itself. Tomorrow is the big day and I am in a hurry. Good thing you won't be there since you have nothing to wear. It will save me a lot of trouble."

Her eyes wide open looked scared. For the first time in her life, she lost control. She felt the knife move slowly on her skin.

"If you wonder who I am, I am the delivery boy. I need some red fabric. As red as the curtains, as your..."

"You can have the curtains, please take them, I won't tell anyone", she whispered with a hoarse voice.

The little creature seemed to think over her offer and for a moment she felt save.


"Noooo, I can't do that. These curtains are old and my master is very picky. It should be new he said. Brand new, the fabric just woven and dyed. You know how demanding masters can be."

He held some white material in his hand. "Look I already have this, what do you think about it? They told me you have great taste if it comes to fashion."

Before she could answer he stumbled and the knife cut her skin. Her blood colored the tissue red.

"They are right about you. You do know how to find the right color", he said enthusiastic and pressed the fabric against the wound and grabbed his knife ready to stab her.

What happened next she could not tell because she fainted.
Next morning a delivery boy asked the tailors for the dress and paid twice the amount as was asked for.



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