Once upon... A Life Tale - Queenie

By Wakeupkitty | Tales | 6 Sep 2019

This is part 3 of Once upon... A life tale

Once upon a time, a baby was born.

These things happen. What also happened was that this child was not what the parents expected it to be.
First of all, it was a girl. Like we all know no one likes to have a daughter. It is true daughters take better care as boys, they cook and clean and you can treat them like a piece of shit but through all ages, it was a men's world and it still was. Men ruled, had the power and once old they provided in your needs according to all adults. And sweet girls? Only a bad life waited for them.

The father was kind of disappointed.
He was a loser and not able to make a son but happy he had a child. A princess is always better as nothing, he called her Queenie.

The mother, yes her real mother not stepmother these things happen too, hated her. The one and only thing she never wanted was children and this baby smelled awful and felt as cold as ice.

Queenie grew up and behaved like a queen.
She indeed was as cold as ice, didn't care and was not a sweet girl. From the day she was born she hated the world and manipulated or threatened her parents. No one ruled her and a bad life didn't fit her.

She ruled like a tyrant. If she did not get what she wanted she crushed or choked the person with her weight, smell or poison out of her mouth.

Her mother recognized the evil at her birth, her father needed at least eight years to see the truth.
He refused to believe she killed the baby son as she was 5 years old. He needed proof and Queenie gave it to him as she strangled the next baby as she turned 8.

It was no fun to have her for a child.
Believe me, these things happen, not all children are born innocent and not all parents can be blamed.
This girl was heartless and a sadist, something the father could no longer deny. He stopped granted her wishes and gave up on searching for her heart. His beasts were a better company and once home he spent all his time with them. A wife and daughter who hated him were too much.

Queenie knew what she did.
She hated her parents and could not understand why the old dwarf married a giant's daughter. She would make the dwarf pay for it. He had to die. He was no longer a tool she could use. It was easy for her to get what she needed to give him the slow and painful death he deserved.
Her sweet face, pale skin and blond hair many associated with an expensive, porcelain doll. A doll that you needed to handle with care.

Day after day she served her father his dinner and at 8 pm she brought him his coffee with a smile. Soon she would leave. She had found a blind man, crazy enough to believe the fairy tales she told him. He was part of her plan, to get what she wanted and to rule the world. Alone.




@cindyhartz (https://steemit.com/@cindyhartz) mentioned how writing your own fairy tale can be therapeutic. She writes "Cindy's Grim tale". If you do not need therapy you can still turn your family history into a tale. No tale is completely made up, in every fairy tale is a part of someone's life told. I decided to join her.


I love tales, I am a fairy tale writer.

I write Once upon... a Life Tale.

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