A shoe's tale

By Wakeupkitty | Tales | 27 Feb 2020

They do it at once.

We all have to line up and stand in a row.

They say it's our only chance to show
ourselves and be seen.
The others love it.
I hear them brag but I'm not so keen
to be noticed or be one of them.

Who will it be, who will choose me?

They love to show off.
Are so sure those who pick them out, will say:
you are so special the only one for me.
I travel the world with you."

Can't they see...

It's all fake a huge mistake.
The world outside is filled with mud and shit!
They'll never be a huge hit
like the red shoes in the fairy tale
that made a girl dance day and night.
There's not a bit of magic in us, right?

We are not loved or wanted very bad
more a disposable product, it's sad.
They tell us we need to leave, move on.
It's so much easier said as done.

"On sale," the sign says above our head.
"It's no bargain," a frugal lady said.
She refuses to have a closer look
driving over this place already took
way more time than she expected.

It doesn't feel great to be neglected
but you won't hear me.
Complaining is not my style.
I just like to hang around for a while.

I am bought!

I left with a car, sat next to a jar
with applesauce, we had a good chat.
I stay inside am totally fine with that...
And if my owner is in need I try to warm her feet.
I share my life with a foot, mark my steps and write my own history.
It's good to be a simple house shoe like me.



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