Splinterlands - Weekly Battle Challenge, Crystal Jaguar

Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenges - Another week, Another Challenge so here's my entry....

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Crystal Jaguar - Life card, in the starter pack - no need to rent it so that's a good start.


Crystal Jaguar, fairly low mana cost (4), Decent life (5), some armor (1), melee attack (1) and a speed of 2.  Should be a decent tank I guess, except he'll go down fast vs water, but otherwise should be able to take a couple of shots.

The Battle


With a 12 mana cap, Free Blast ability to all cards and all splinters allowed it's going to be tough to figure out a good team.  Crystal Jaguar might actually be a top pick for life with such a low cap.  The opposition looked to have used all sorts of splinters so no hints as to what their team would be.

So to start, I picked Mother Khala for the extra life and of course to use the Life Splinter.

Crystal Jaguar up front to tank of course.

Feral Spirit in second slot for its sneak attack (sneak and snipe are handy combined with blast)

Herbalist in last slot because it fits and one ranged attack is better than no attack I figured.

So what would my opposition go for.... they went with Fire - Malric Inferno so he had plus one to melee - Crystal Jaguar could be chewed up pretty fast.

Kobold Miner up front - an odd choice of tank but with a low mana cost and melee attack of three (thanks to Malric) could be nasty.

Enchanted Pixie and Flame Imp in slots two and three - magic attack, flying, low mana cost - good for him, not so good for my team!

Creeping Ooze in slot four because he only takes one mana and will slow my team down.

Furious Chicken in last slot - because he has one I guess and he can tank one shot.

At first glance could be a tough team but it is vulnerable - he has two more cards up than I so he has the numbers on me for sure but most of his cards have only one life so any blast will get them.  The two magic attackers are also nasty as I have no defense except the plus one health from Mother Khala.

So, here we go on to the battle:

Turn One:  Flame Imp is fast so hits first, bypassing Jaguar's armor and hitting both Jaguar and Feral Spirit for one life each.  Feral Spirit blasts the chicken killing the creeping ooze at the same time.  Pixie hits also bypassing Jaguars armor hitting both Jaguar and Feral Spirit for one life each.  Kobold Miner hits the jaguar with a devastating blow... to jaguars armor but the ricochet blast kills Feral Spirit.  Jaguar then strikes back damaging the Kobold for one life and blasting the pixie out of existance.  Herbalist throws some cilantro at the Kobold damaging it for one and the blast kills the flame imp (must have been allergic!)  This leaves Jaguar with four life, Kobold with one and Herbalist with three.

Turn Two:  Kobold is fast too and hits Jaguar, for three life OUCH and hits Herbalist with a blast of two.  Both Jaguar and Herbalist have one life left.  Jaguar then strikes back with a swipe of his claw delivering the coup de grace and winning the match!

So it ended up being easy after all - moral of the story - don't use low life cards if you can help it in a blast match.  They go down too fast!

And that's a wrap, Challenge Done, Battle Won!  Another easy win!

Hope you enjoyed this Weekly Battle Challenge post! And if you're interested in Splinterlands or any of the other programmes I've looked at please join up if you haven't already for fun, excitement and maybe a little Crypto in your pocket!






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Have fun and keep on battling!

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