Splinterlands - A surprising battle - Are Kron and the Sacred Llama unbeatable?

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 10 Sep 2021

So this is something of a change - I had a battle that I thought was fun and worth posting about - not a weekly challenge but it was most certainly a challenge indeed!

First things first, feel free to just go to their website directly but if Splinterlands interests you I'd be very happy if you joined up with my referral link:


One very powerful combo that I've faced is that of a Kron the Undying paired with the Scarred Llama Mage summoner.  When you're on a low level account with a limited set of cards like I am that combo is devastating.


So why is this so powerful.  Well regardless of the other cards chosen the Summoner (Llama) and the card (Kron) are a very powerful combination on their own.

Scarred Llama Mage - at it's base level it gives three powerful bonuses - Plus two life, Last stand to all cards and cleanse as well! Last stand is an amazing ability as it increases the speed, attack and life of the last card (hence "Last Stand").  When Last Stand triggers on a powerful card it can be truly nasty.

Kron the Undying - I've heard it said by many that this card is broken it's so powerful and there's a good reason they say that - Kron has a powerful magic attack, has a large base life (10) and on top of that has the heal ability which at his life heals quite a bit!

It's definitely a daunting thought to have to face this combination unless you have a powerful deck yourself - the only saving grace is both Kron and the Llama have a high mana cost (10 and 7 respectively) so they do take up a big chunk of a mana cap!

The question is - can this dynamic duo be beaten?  Lets see.....

The Battle


This battle had a cap of 25 and only Life and Dragon splinters were excluded so that leaves a lot of possibilities to battle against.  The aim true stipulation was in play so Melee and Raged attacks would always hit.

For me I went with the Earth Splinter with one of my favourite lineups.  I started with Mylor Crowling for the thorns ability as the summoner.  I went with the following lineup with a mix of Ranged and Magic attack to supplement my tank.  The ranged attackers and my tank would never miss and the magic attack from Nymph gave me a chance if he used a card with a shield ability up front.

Unicorn Mustang up front as he has a decent attack, quite high life and with the void ability is a good counter for that annoying Water splinter magic blitz that comes up so often!

Earth Elemental in second slot - a weak attack but a decent lifepool with a low mana cost.  Good for soaking up any snipe attacks.

Child of the Forest in third slot - another weak attacker but does have snipe which can be useful.  I mainly use this card to defend my next card from opportunity attacks.

Wood Nymph in fourth slot - for the heal ability.  I use a 2 life card and the Earth Elemental in second slot to protect the Wood Nymph for a round or two. A couple of heals from Wood Nymph can be the difference between winning or losing!

Centaur in last slot - I could have used a couple of lower cost cards to have a full lineup but I thought Centaur has a reasonable life pool and can combine his snipe with Child of the forest which could be useful.

I'm sure you can guess most of the opponents lineup but here it is:

Scarred Llama Mage as the summoner.  

Unicorn Mustang in first slot to tank and Kron the Undying  And that's it as it's all the mana cap can take.

Some interesting stats:

 - I had a five card line up to his two card lineup

 - My five cards had a total of 24 life between them, the same as his two card lineup.

 - My five cards had a total attack of seven compared to six from his two cards.

This shows how powerful his two cards were!  Even if I killed one of his cards Last Stand would trigger making his cards even more powerful.  Worse still if it was Kron it triggered on my thorns (from Mylor) would be useless.

So how did the battle go.. heres the breakdown:

Turn One - Speedy Child of the Forest hits Kron.  The Mustangs exchange hits.  Even though his mustang has more life to start (due to Scarred Llama) they now have seven life each as thorns have hit his Mustang. My Centaur hits Kron, Kron heals so hes back at full life.  Kron hits my mustang who takes two more damage (not three as his void ability reduces the magic attack by one).  Earth Elemental hits his mustang.  At the end of turn one, My mustang has eight life, his has six life.  Kron is untouched.

Turn Two - Almost a carbon copy of turn one.  However as his Mustang has no healing ability his mustang dies (he took six damage on turn one and six more on turn two.  Kron remains untouched but LAST STAND has triggered boosting him to a magic attack of five, speed of three and 18 - yes 18 life!! How am I going to get through that? My mustang ended the turn with six life as Wood Nymph has kept him alive.

Turn Three - Child goes first then Mustang.  Kron goes down by four life but it's his turn now.  Kron heals all four life and is back to 18 life.  Kron hits Mustang for three damage (yay for the void ability!). Centaur, Wood Nymph and Earth Elemental chip three more life from Kron and Mustang is healed by three.  Mustang ends the turn with six life and Kron is down to 15 life.  If this keeps going and Fatigue doesn't set in I'm going to win - unbelievable!

Turn Four - A carbon copy of Turn Three EXCEPT Kron can actually heal SIX - yes SIX life per turn - why didnt he last time?  that's because he didnt have six  life to heal when his turn triggered last time.  This could get ugly BUT lets check the stats - I have a damage output of seven per turn.  He cant kill the Mustang on his own as the Wood Nymph can counter the three damage he can put out on the Void defended Mustang.  If I can get it before fatigue becomes a factor I'm going to win....  Kron ends the turn with 14 life, Mustang with Six.

Turns Five to 15 - these are all copies of Turn Four.  Kron loses one life each round, Mustang stays at full health.  Kron the Undying doesn't live up to his name and dies on turn 15.

And so I've proven - a solid team can beat the Scarred Llama Mage and Kron the Undying Combo!  A few things to note - The aim true stipulation was helpful as it meant Mustang, Earth Elemental, Child of the Forest and Centaur were all guaranteed to hit (six damage a turn).   Couple that with Wood Nymph's magic attack meant my Seven damage output was guaranteed.  If there was a different ruleset I might have been in trouble as any misses would have extended the match, possibly to Fatigue which could have killed me first (as Wood Nymph would die fast to fatigue taking away my healing ability.  If Kron could survive just one or two rounds of Fatigue I'd have probably lost.

And that is that - Hope you enjoyed this battle which I found fun! And if you're interested in Splinterlands or any of the other programmes I've looked at please join up if you haven't already for fun, excitement and maybe a little Crypto in your pocket!






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Have fun!

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