Splinterlands - A battle game changer - Has early game water splinter become even more powerful?

Splinterlands - A battle game changer - Has early game water splinter become even more powerful?

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 17 Sep 2021

New Reward Cards, New Combos, and recently I've been playing Water more because of one of the new reward cards - has this card made Water even more powerful?

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If you've been following my posts you'll know I'm not a top level Splinterlands player, just a mostly Free to Play player trying to have fun and make a buck at the same time.  I don't have access to a lot of the top cards, but I did recently get the water card, Venari Wavesmith.


Water is a very powerful splinter thanks to that amazing combo that infuriates us all - Alric Stormbringer and Magic attack cards.....  If the rules allow magic and summoner abilities you've got a good chance of winning using the Water splinter with Alric and the many magic attack cards at Water's disposal.

Well on top of that they've gotten another - yes another! - magic attacker but this one has a great support ability - Protect which gives your team plus two armor!

In my opinion this is a bit of a game changer for water - many of the water magic cards are quite light on health.  Against any range/melee backline attackers the plus two armor can mean they survive an extra round to dish out that nasty magic damage.  Not to mention it can help your tank stay alive just a bit longer too.

Even in a water v water match up this card can make all the difference. 

Here's one battle example


This was a standard rules battle with a 30 mana cap with any splinter allowed.

I used the following lineup:

Alric as summoner (of course since that's what this post is all about but for the game its the plus one magic attack!)

1 - Spineback Turtle as it's a cheap Water tank

2 - Captains Ghost - for the strong magic attack and high health pool

3 - Medusa - for the magic attack and a reasonable health

4 - Venari Wavesmith - for the magic attack and, as the post is all about this, the plus two armor for the team

5 - Elven Mystic - for the magic attack

6 - Enchanted Pixie - for the magic attack mostly but also at the back she has flying and can sometimes survive to give an extra shot due to misses.

The opponent went with a Fire team and Pyre as the summoner (for the speed advantage)

1 - Living Lava as it's a powerful tank

2 - Goblin Shaman mainly for the minus one health to my team but in second slot he can also be an mini tank as well

3 - Fire Elemental as a strong ranged attacker with Blast

4 - Spark Pixies as another strong ranged attacker that is very fast (misses) and is flying

5 - Serpentine Spy being a strong fast opportunistic melee attacker

6 - Goblin Chariot to fill out the team with another strong ranged attacker

Both lineups should be quite powerful but my water team is well suited to beat a fire team like this.  Without the Venari Wavesmith I could be in a bit of trouble as the spy could take out some of my attackers early due to the speed advantage from Pyre and the low health they have but the Protect abilities two armor bonus will blunt that significantly.

And on to the battle

1 - Pyre's speed boost means Spark Pixies, Fire Elemental and Chariot all go first hitting Spineback turtle hard and the blast chips a little at Captains Ghost.  The Serpentine Spy hits the Enchanted Pixie but thanks to the Venari Wavesmith the pixie survives.  Now it's my turn, Enchanted Pixie, Venari Wavesmith and Medusa take out Living Lava.  Elven Mystic and Captains Ghost take out the Shaman.  A great round, his tanks gone and his debuffer with no losses to my team.

2 - Pyre's speed boost means again he gets the jump on my team.  Spark Pixies and Chariot kill off my Spineback Turtle, Serpentine Spy goes next and tries to kill the Enchanted Pixie but misses (Yay for Flying!).  Now it's my turn since the Fire Elemental can't attack from slot one.  Mystic executes the fire elemental, Venari Wavesmith toasts the Spark Pixies, Medusa takes out the Serpentine Spy. The enchanted pixie chips at the remaining Chariot and the Captains Ghost delives the coup de grace to finish the battle.

All over in two turns - easy!  Only my tank, Spineback turtle died.  An easy battle with few casualties and the Venari Wavesmith was a big part of that!

And so if you're able to get the Venari Wavesmith give that card a try - plus two armor can make all the difference!  A magic attacker with Alric surviving to deliver one extra shot could mean you win rather than lose!  I feel like with this added card the Water Splinter has almost become too powerful!!

And that is that - Hope you enjoyed this post! And if you're interested in Splinterlands or any of the other programmes I've looked at please join up if you haven't already for fun, excitement and maybe a little Crypto in your pocket!






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Have fun!

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