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Silvers Stats - Episode 7 - Incremental growth

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 15 Feb 2023


Still been busy with work & travels in this world of ours where everything seems more expensive and it's a lot harder to make a buck - still I'm trying one crypto programme at a time so here we are....

1. Roller.png


  • Base Mining Power - 10.714 PH/s
  • Bonus Percent - 77.05%
  • Total Power - 19.758 PH/s
  • Estimated RLT earning per day - 0.855
  • BTC balance - 0.00043718

Still small incremental gains. A few more miners such that I even ended up with all my racks full and ended up accidentally buying a six slot rack (instead of an 8 slot rack) off the market - it does add a bonus to the miners on it which is nice but it is a reminder to read the fine print!

2. Rising Star.png


  • Total Cards - 2480
  • Unique Cards - 414
  • Base Fans - 63978
  • Base Skill - 110571
  • Base Ego - 102486
  • Production Lesson - 677-1354

I've been real busy so haven't earned as many starbits as usual nor have I done my card purchases - so expect the next update to have more of an increase. I'm enjoying the account growth - but not so much the continual fall in the value of starbits - how is a guy to make a buck when the price keeps going down!

3. Splinterlands.png


  • Owned Cards - 1386
  • Owned Power - 78675
  • DEC - 8789.44
  • SPS - 3165.61
  • Vouchers - 37
  • Est. Ac Value - $395.51

Value goes up, value goes down. Cards still going up as is card power. I really want to get back to playing a lot more actively and chasing cards but with all the updates it just feels so hard to keep up. The land part of the game also makes me feel a bit down because I never got a genuine chance to get into that as I started the game to late (and to be fair probably didn't and still dont have the free funds to do it anyway).

What will interest me is how the set up the system and how it remains balanced between those that have and those that don't have land.


  • Level - 25.59
  • Power - 5.5413 GH/s
  • Block - 0.5091
  • Est Mining Reward - 0.00050839

Another program I need to really get back into in greater detail. I get stuck with shortlinks and some of the other active earning things in the game so I don't really do much on it at the moment. Still on the upside my block balance is getting up again so I'll be able to look at upgrading a miner or making another one soon.

5. cointiply.jpg


  • Coins - 96282
  • Est USD - $9.6282
  • Est BTC - 0.00044297
  • Withdrawn (coins) - 347302
  • Withdrawn (USD) - 34.73

Right - got the stats looking about right again. Once I get back from work travels I'll get back into looking for a puzzles and conquest like offer to keep working up those coins.

One thing I am considering is moving whatever I earn from the other programmes and just buying coins to get the interest (it's only 5% APR) but it does compound weekly and the site seems very stable so far and if I am working the program and adding to it maybe I can get a decent critical mass of coins here first? Something to consider.

And that about sums things up my progress and thoughts on the programmes for the week.

Hope you found it interesting and as always - the shameless referral links are below!


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Silver Crypto
Silver Crypto

One guys journey into the world of Crypto

Tales of the Crypt0
Tales of the Crypt0

One guys journey into the world of crypto currency

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