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RollerCoin - Happy 3rd Birthday to you - but to be honest your hamster's a bit of a Grinch....

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 30 Apr 2021

Well the birthday event is here! So, first things first - Feel free to just go to their website directly but if Rollercoin interests you I'd be very happy if you joined up with my referral link:

So the birthday event, lets start off with the exciting part....

They have released a new miner, the Minerversary III


WOW!  a miner that gives 900000GH/s (or 900TH/s) that's incredible.  Sign me up, I'm in for that, its the sort of thing we all save for...

Wait  - what's that?  the price?  299RLT!!!!  Colour me disappointed, there is no way to get this unless you've been with the game for quite a while now or you're willing to put in a significant real world cash investment.

And there's another catch - there are only 1000 for the whole game....but hey don't worry there will be plenty for everyone because they've restricted it to only 10 per account.

And that's it.. that's the event - an event miner that helps the rich get richer...... and it's not even really a reward for those with lots of miners already as they probably already have significant miner power with rooms of miners.

I think they should have made it a 1 per account and anyone can buy one that had an account existing as of today so at least you could save up for one over the long term.

Alternatively they could have had several versions of the miner, maybe this one and a single cell version that might not be as good but gives newer players a chance.  

What makes this event worse is that, unlike the St Patrick's event, they haven't done a sale on miners as well.  So even if a player couldn't get the new Minerversary III at least they might be able to get something from the event - even if it was say a one-off discount on a miner of your choice rather than an full on sale that would have been better.

So to sum up, I'm feeling quite disappointed and disillusioned with RollerCoin today - will I keep playing, probably - I've invested a fair amount of time into it and I still like the idea - but if events keep being like this I'm not sure I'll have the motivation to keep with it because it feels like you'll never have a chance to improve if the "Rich" players always get the benefits and thus a bigger part of the block reward pool!.

Feel free to comment and let me know if you agree with my thoughts on the Event (or if you dont too!). As always if you're interested in joining Rollercoin or earning crypto to send to Rollercoin (or for whatever else you're into) I'd be very happy if you used my links below:  (And remember, Cointiply is legit, it does pay out!)

Have fun earning Crypto and even though I'm disappointed, Happy Minerversary Rollercoin!

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Silver Crypto

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Tales of the Crypt0

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