Of Miners, Minters and Earning some crypto - Hex, BUSD, Biswap and Rex

Of Miners, Minters and Earning some crypto - Hex, BUSD, Biswap and Rex

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 29 Sep 2021

I seem to have gone a bit crazy maybe with these new mining sites - each of which are clones pretty much but I've joined four (and I think I'll stop there).

First things first - if this sounds interesting at all these are the "miners" or "minters" I'm using:





So firstly, why did I get into this - well a youtube group I've been following was really bullish on the first, Cryptominer.finance.  So I tried that and it's worked out great.

Then I decided to do a few others:

 - BUSD Minter - to have one of these running as a stable coin;

 - Rexminer - as the youtube group seemed very bullish on it;

 - Biswap Miner - because I'm already into Biswap and the BSW token thanks to BetFury.

I'd probably join more if I had more funds to play with but joining each of these pretty much tapped out the funds I'd already earned over and above my initial investment into Cryptominer.Finance.

Now it's really easy to get into these sites for the most part - just go to their sites directly or use a link like mine above (I'd appreciate it if you did as I get a perk when you do but do as you will...).  Then:

 - Make sure you're on the right network on your wallet extension (I use metamask).  

 - Approve a spending limit of the appropriate currency;

 - Buy miners with up to that that spending limit;

 - Let the miner run, compound or withdraw as you will.

I note that you do not  - i repeat do not get to "cash-out" your miners but your (assuming the sites last) will get your investment back by your claims in at or less than 33 days (due to the approximate 3% claimable daily.  This amount varies depending on the exact cost of the miners when you joined, earlier is cheaper than later, but overall it should net out to be around 3% per day and that has been my experience, at least 3% per day.

If you get some referrals in turn you may make your ROI faster and if you compound due to compound interest you'll ROI faster too.  It does appear to reccomend some sort of split between compounding and claiming to make the most of it.

For now, I'm compounding on all of them whenever I can but after about a week I'll rotate claiming and withdrawing probably.

One more note - if you're compounding try to compound when you have a round amount of miners you can buy with the compounded amount, any excess gets lost back into the contract (i.e. if your compounded amount could buy 3.4 miners you'd only get 3 and the .4 would stay in the contract.

So that's what I'm doing with these sites - hopefully they last!  Some people are getting absurd amounts back so good for them!  

To sum up, if you have a little to invest give it a shot - use my links if you will but dont if you dont want to.

Good Luck and links to programmes I dabble in are below:






Faucets and Mining











Have fun and don't stop believing we can earn some crypto!

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Silver Crypto
Silver Crypto

One guys journey into the world of Crypo

Tales of the Crypt0
Tales of the Crypt0

One guys journey into the world of crypto currency

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