Casino Chronicles - Betfury - Quest for 100,000 BFG Week 44, Starbets Week 4 - Gamble with a plan, don't double down.

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 27 Apr 2022


Betfury week 44- Still just accumulating....

First things first - Feel free to just go to their website directly but if BetFury sounds interesting to you I'd be very happy if you joined up with my referral link:

To keep it simple, I'm trying to build my BetFury account to 100,000 BFG tokens with only what I've started off with and running the various programmes I've listed at the end.  No banking fiat currency just using what I'm earning online from my journeys in the world of Crypto.

No change since last week of note so lets get straight to the metrics for BetFury:

The metrics

BFG - 17467 to 17471 - Gain of 4 - I didn't manage to do as much as I'd like on Betfury but later today I'll buy and deposit a chunk of BFG from my accumulated USDT and ETH balances so next week should see a bump in BFG!


Rewards move up, rewards move down... at USD0.55 per day it's looking a bit sad but I guess you cant complain as its in essence risk free earnings.

What I'm doing:

No change from previous weeks, just grinding a bit of gambling here and there, accumulating balances and will convert some to BFG in the next week.


Starbets - Week 4 - Almost a month in - referral activity has slowed but still growing the account.

I'll look to set up a target when I've stopped travelling and things settle down but for the moment it's still get tokens, earn dividends, gamble and earn...

As I'm into Week 3, Hard to believe how fast time goes! Actually in terms of "metrics" its been just over a week but my current star token details and they have rocketed up - much of that due to a couple of awesome people who have used my referral link - THANKS!!!!


Tron Balance - 1185 TRX but 250 tron has come from BetFury - this means I've input a total of 750 deposited to the platform (or about US$46).  This means between referrals and my own gambling I've earnt about 435 trx.  Thats not a bad effort, 58% return in less than a month!

Star Token Balance - 1697 to 2333 STAR - Increase of 636 for the week - a lot from referrals though which could slow down.

Daily Dividends - 0.00000062 BTC and 0.34 TRX and 0.00001212 BNB - Dividends continue to increase.

Starbet Platform News

While I am just grinding out tokens its important to note a that the platform continues to improve and has now added BNB to the party.  Awesome.  This means I now get BTC, TRC and BNB every day.  Can't complain with that!

Other Starbets News

As noted I've added 250 more Tron from BetFury to Starbets.  I intend to gamble with a bit more risk with the intention of increasing my gambling rewards.  I'll be careful still but want to keep increasing the amount of tokens I'm mining and given that unlike when I started on Betfury I have a few platforms earning crypto for me I feel I can take on a bit more risk for the Star rewards.

And thats a wrap - If you're interested in any other programs I've been working with links are below.


Rollercoin - free 1000 satoshi on signup

Betfury - cryptocurrency casino with free staking rewards

StarBets - cryptocurrency casino like BetFury with free staking rewards

Splinterlands - Play2Earn card game

Risingstargame - Free play2Earn idle game

Faucets and Mining

Cryptotab - Earn BTC while you browse

Cointiply - easy tasks, free crypto

FaucetCrypto - easy tasks, free crypto

Larvelfaucet - Login, click, free crypto for you


Biswap - crypto exchange

Good luck and as always, do your own research and gamble responsibly!  Dont risk what you cant afford to lose!

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Silver Crypto
Silver Crypto

One guys journey into the world of Crypo

Tales of the Crypt0
Tales of the Crypt0

One guys journey into the world of crypto currency

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