Betfury - What is a BFG worth? There's an easier way to find out than trial and error and the more you bet the more BFG you earn.

As a wise person once said, "You learn something new everyday if you pay attention".  Maybe if I paid more attention I'd have noticed some detail that would have saved me some work.....

So first things first - Feel free to just go to their website directly but if BetFury sounds interesting to you I'd be very happy if you joined up with my referral link:

My previous post Bet Fury - What is a BFG worth? Bet per BFG and USD per BFG went through some trial and error work I did to get an idea of the worth of a BFG and how much wagering you had to do to earn one.

Well one person commented on my post, Bittler, and he said that BetFury actually discloses this information on their website in the Staking page.  On checking that myself I did the following:

Went to Betfury.

Went to Staking

Selected the currency I was interested in and scrolled down to Mining Price.

As you can see from the screenshots for BTC and BNB there is the detail for all to see:



So based on the information provided above by Betfury wagering 0.00008499 BTC or 0.00740202 BNB on the inhouse games will net you 1 BFG.

My calculations showed that wagering 0.00008503 BTC or 0.00714286 BNB on the inhouse games will net you 1 BFG.  That's pretty close - I suspect the difference will be due to small rounding issues that get a big magnified as the numbers get bigger (and Betfury doesn't show all the trailing decimals it actually tracks on your balances/bets/winnings/BFG gains.

So there you have it - I learnt something which is always good and it's a reminder to look at the detail!

Now on to other matters - following Servelle's comment on the previous post, Betfury - Dice Strategy, Announcement and progress so far, and his confirmation that I understood what he was saying I've burnt up some of my crypto on earning BFG.

For fun and speed I thought I'd give Plinko a shot and I did a minimum bet with BTC on each of the colours and left it running.  I've "lost" about 0.00000050 BTC by doing so but gained over 1.3 BFG in the process.  I now have 30.92 BFG.  I may have net more doing 95% on dice, or just doing BLUE on Plinko, but it was fun to see the balls flying around on the pyramid.

I believe the same can be done with any of the currencies, but unless it's BTC/Ether it's going to take a LOOOOOONG time to increase the BFG using the minimum bet.  

My feeling is - Minimum Bet/Maximum Chance - maximises your total wagered but will burn the currency over time.  It will get you your BFG slowly but steadily so it's probably a good strategy to leave overnight or when you can be at your computer a while.

Personally I find it more fun trying to slowly increase my balances so using my previous 29% chance / 43% increase strategy on Dice I will keep plugging away with increasing my BNB (currently 0.00098635 and counting) but will burn the other currencies trying to earn BFG.

So hope you've found the above interesting and comment and let me know how you're using BetFury. If you're not on them already, as always, feel free to join the programs I've been using with the links below (which I'd really appreciate) or go to their sites directly and have a go.

Always have fun and never gamble more than you can lose!

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