Betfury - BFG Listing Party

Betfury - BFG Listing Party

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 20 May 2021

Some big news just came out - BFG has just announced a promotion which, if you're interested in BetFury, you'll want to get in on!

So first things first - Feel free to just go to their website directly but if BetFury sounds interesting to you I'd be very happy if you joined up with my referral link:

So their promotion is the "BetFury Listing Party".  In their own words:

BFG Listing Party - $420 000 prize pool

Drumroll....The event that all true Betfurians have been waiting for is so close! Dreams Come True! Just imagine - the BetFury’s BFG token is going to become a liquid asset very soon. Once it appears on an exchange, everyone will be able to buy, sell and exchange it. Are you ready?

Let’s start the Pre-Party! Join the festive activities and collect as much BFG as possible: mine, play games, fight in Battles and catch prizes on the Wheel. 


So the biggest part of the news is that the BFG token is getting very close to being listed on an exchange.  There's no detail but there will be a lot of excitement as I'm sure many people will be hoping the token ends up with a decent value that it can be traded for.  A good question will be is it better to hold them for the staking rewards or to sell them. 

The Party:

Of more immediate interest however is the "party promotion".

+50% Mining Boost
For the next week there is a 50% bonus on mining BFG - that is awesome!  The more BFG you can get your hands on the better.  For me - I'm going to burn up all the currency I've gotten so far and see how far I get.  Today I have 34.97BFG - let's see where it goes from there!

BFG Wheel

Spend 0.0026 BTC worth in wagers in any currency and you'll be able to spin their prize wheel.  Fingers crossed I can get at least one spin!  It's the same wheel, if I am not mistaken, as when I first started on BetFury and I had no chance to get a spin then.  I have a little BTC saved up from Cryptotab mining so I may fire some BetFury's way just to get in on this (and up my value for when it's listed).  

I note that there are prizes from 3BFG to 3,000,000BFG as shown below


Just one thing to be aware of, different games contribute to a different % towards the wagering requirements: In-house and Slots - 100%; Table games - 20%; Live games - 5% - so best to bet in-house/slots for maximum return on the wheel.

There are some other bits to the promotion but in my opinion the above are the most important.

Hope you found the post interesting - if you're interested in BetFury you'll give it a go (hopefully with my referral code!)  Just remember to gamble responsibly!

And if you're interested in any of the other sites I've been working with links are below:


Faucets and Mining

Have fun on your Crypto Adventures and Good Luck!

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