Needle punched slumber in a waxy burning bed

The only safe spot is in the shape of a coffin

Where you nodded, dreaming off glory

Stab the wound pumping vein

Still lurching poison blooded,

You crawl to Austin.

Singing in bands of friends long gone

The sad clown jests

They crowd about him

From miles about

In skinniness, in one pair of clothes

He battled knife wielding fathers

And alleged drug dogs

Ran down the dirt road into nothing

Away from nothing

Getting blowjobs beside a new start

Hiding from light with stapled towels

An athlete, a lover

A demeneted musician

He sang with me once

Sad songs in a small room

That brought back feelings

Neither thought we needed to feel.

Blood alive in lust and flesh

Getting smacked in bars

Sucked by old men.

“one step, you’re fucked”, he once said to us

Like his friend learned alone on that desperate bench.

His tears were hot, he told me its all memory

How can they forgive me? Its gotten the best of me…

It is the best.

Lovable rebel, black bearded devil

Lock away your daughters

Hes going to college

Brings green eyes and razor wit

One push, that’s all

One step, that’s it.


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Tales from the Mouth of the Horse

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