SWIFT is one of the world leaders in international payments processing


The long rumored SWIFT/LINK connection is finally coming to light as their relationship develops, as can be seen in the summary of the recent "Smarter Securities" event, just held on 15 June 2021. These imply some exciting developments that are soon to come.

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"The march of digitisation is transforming every facet of financial services provision – with the same forces set to drive disruption in capital markets. But what are the big trends expected to shape the markets in the next 5-10 years? And of these; which are fads, and which are the long-term secular trends that cannot – and should not – be ignored?


The global capital markets industry is a highly connected, and sometimes fragmented, eco-system. Market participants must adapt to ever-evolving market and regulatory dynamics and respond to changing customer priorities, whilst navigating rapid technological advancements. This session will explore how the market might develop in the coming years – how can firms adapt their business models in order to thrive well into the future, and what might be the role of fintechs?"









It would appear Sergey now has a profile link on SWIFT's website, as well.


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