Receiving unexpectedly large BAT payouts??

Receiving unexpectedly large BAT payouts??

Are you receiving unexpectedly large BAT payouts and have no idea where they are coming from??



You're not alone. Fortunately there are some possible answers to this; Sometimes, it's a carryover from BAT owed near the end of a payment period, sometimes, it's from a bug where you are getting BAT you were owed from previous months. However, as of late, Brave has been issuing several bonuses and refunds for some recent Brave Rewards issues. I believe they may also offer rewards sometimes for assistance in identifying or fixing bugs.


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Sometimes, payments also arrive late. This month's payouts are only just finishing processing. It can take 1-2 days to receive all your BAT.

Some payments you receive may also be undelivered BAT from your Brave usage prior to Uphold verification.

Now you know what to expect and have a chance to track all your Brave BAT payments in case you have trouble receiving BAT, go to

You may also use Brave wallet instead of the Uphold website. But withdrawals require KYC compliancy.


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