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Coming Soon: Brave Merch Store

Brave is an open-source browser and communication app for the web. It's free, secure, and works on almost any modern web browsing computer or mobile device. Don't be scared to try it out. It will save you a lot of time browsing if you avoid ads and is far better than chrome.









Soon, you will be able to purchase merchandise to support Brave and it's development, and this stuff will, presumably, also be available for purchase with Basic Attention Tokens. I for one would but a shirt or something I didn't have to wear, I might consider buying stickers if they were cool enough.

Sadly, while they tease it's impending arrival, they give no release date. This could be either a cruel tease to keep the people happy until the release comes, or that Brave Merch Store will not arrive for some time yet. I assume it will still be a few months away until it is unveiled. While it might sound bad at first,'s merchant marketing power will go a long way to helping cryptocurrency remain relevant in a year's time.
Using in-store digital currency sales as their main method of generating revenue, Brave is taking the lead in Bitcoin Mercantilism.





The Brave client itself is making some pretty impressive strides on the development front, too.
With the introduction of Chrome extension support, the user interface and user experience have gotten better and better. There is a lot of polish with things like the new tab imagery and ads, a lot of edge cases and seemingly a lot more awesome stuff planned.
While there has been progress on client, though, the team is extremely focused on bringing the TOR network and privacy to the masses, which is great. Unlike the original Brave browser, which had some technical hurdles to overcome, the browser now runs more smoothly than before; It also has a larger impact on the user experience with incentives and faster loading.

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