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Cardano the future or just a hype?

By TakluBalm | TakluBalm | 1 May 2021

You are here, reading this article means you have some grasp on the cryptocurrencies. It has been a roller-coaster ride for those who took a dip in it. Although the cryptocurrency revolution has been quite a success spawning various new systems and challenging the conventional ways, one can say that it has somewhat diverted from its original vision

When Satoshi Nakamoto first launched the bitcoin protocol he never could have imagined the heights and diversities his/her/their invention wold create. The entity's motto was not to make bitcoin a successful asset but as a trustless currency. The entity envisioned it not as a trading opportunity but as a currency that would stop the harm caused by the central authority to the people, that would empower the local masses and give them a financial freedom they never had before. 

Cardano is here to reignite that vision and take steps not just to increase their token's price but to create solutions that tackle the problems posed by the widespread adoption of cryptos like interoperability, sustainability and scalability to name a few. In this weeks event by IOHK they even showcased the various solutions they are working on like the ID system. This system enables an authority (Governments or business or something else) to issue IDs to uniquely identify you (citizens or employees) in a way that the third person without giving any of your personal information away can identify you as being associated with the issuer. This is a major step ahead as the government can identify people and people can still stay in a decentralised system i.e both parties can benefit. It further introduced a new token WMT that helps connect the unconnected  using decentralised internet solutions.

Cardano is showing great promise in becoming the crypto that outlasts all.

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