Crypto Wallet Review: Coinbase


Why Coinbase?

Coinbase is a good Crypto Trading platform and Cloud Wallet to get started buying your first Coins.  It is a very safe and reliable exchange.  It is a fairly safe place to store small amounts of Coin.  It is a safe place to have a public key so you can get paid for your work.  You may have the opportunity to earn a little while you learn as well. 

Funding Your Account

It is easy to fund your account in multiple ways.  Funding through a debit card is free.  Then it will cost $1.49 when you buy the crypto coin you are interested in.  After you deposit there is a waiting period before you can move your money to a different site or cash out.  This is for security reasons.  My waiting period was 15 days.  I was fine with that.  I was able to learn a little about trading and I actually caught the huge return in October and turned my $100 deposit into about $250.  Since then, Bitcoin has dropped by about $1000 per coin so I have lost some of that back and my account now stands at about $215. 


Move to Coinbase Pro as Soon as Your Funds Are Released

Once your waiting period is over, you should immediately move your funds to Coinbase Pro and start trading there instead.  The fees are lower there.  I probably lost about $10 in fees by not moving over sooner. 

Getting Free Coin

So now that my account has started losing money due to Bitcoin giving some of it's value back, I am trying to find ways to increase my holdings without relying on coin value.  That is where referrals come in.  If you have a good "referral machine"  You can increase your funds by $10 per person who you refer and who trades $100 or more.  Due to the fact that you must trade at least $100,  you can deposit at least $105 to make up for any fees and the bonus will be ready right away.  Or you can deposit less and as soon as you have reached $100 in trade volume, we will receive the bonus.  That means you deposit $25, then you trade $20 five times.  Then, we will both get a $10 bonus.  From there, you can cash out if you want, or move on to coinbase pro or another platform. 


Check out the Review of My Next Platform...Binance

Look for my next post as I am ready to move to a new platform and get some more free money.  Meanwhile, any referrals will grow my coinbase account.  I am hoping to grow it to $200 over the next month so please help by signing up through my link so we can both get our bonuses.  Thank you for joining my journey.  May your crypto wallet grow to a million bucks.


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Starting a new journey into the digital world. Always been really good at research. Time to put it to the test. I will be learning all the crypto tools and sharing what I learn. I hope I can learn from you as well.

Taking My Crypto to a New Level
Taking My Crypto to a New Level

In this series of blogs I will give my ratings on various crypto wallets, exchanges, coins and other topics in the crypto world. I will explain how to use various projects and tell of the pitfalls and victories I have encountered. I have entered the market with $100 USD in Early October and grew my investment to about $250 within 2 weeks. Since then I have been fairly flat as I continue to learn.

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