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USD Coin (USDC) is a stablecoin released by popular exchange Coinbase in collaboration with payments company Circle in 2018. Backed by the US Dollar on a 1:1 ratio, the token is an ERC-20 token that can be purchased on Coinbase’s platform. Coinbase has said that it chose the Ethereum protocol because of its smart contract capabilities and strong developer support. 

Like other stablecoins, it is intended to help traders overcome the volatility of the market. Coinbase has said that it is part of its mission is to “build an open financial system for the world”, and it does indeed allow anyone from across the world to purchase the stablecoin and use it for trading and various services.

Stablecoins often receive scrutiny relating to whether or not the issuing entity has enough reserves to back every token up, but Coinbase assures users that the holding accounts are closely monitored and audited. USD Coin is an example of a fiat-backed stablecoin, which is often what receives the greatest scrutiny. 

Having one very specific purpose, there is not much in the way of development news for USD Coin. Coinbase is however working on making it more widely available, including on more exchanges and services.

Earn 11% Interest On Stablecoins @ Bank of Hodlers

19 Jun 2020 1 minute read 0 comments MrBitcoin

Earning With Stablecoins and more. We provide 11% interest on all our supported stablecoins - USDT, USDC, TUSD, PAX, BUSD and DAI   Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are pegged to an external reference, with the mos...

Why stable coins will replace the current payment system?

17 Jun 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Mabla

People will always want to buy something which is of use not just to buy for the sake of buying. Crypto currencies are now popular and their market capitalization is always increasing, from $10 billion in 2013 to $566 billion in 2017 then on 2018 it...

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Why is it currently wise to adopt Stable Coins?

15 Jun 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Mabla

As the name mentions it is self-explanatory, these coins are very safe and wise to purchase currently. For the past few days the crypto market has been falling due to some factors and investors are losing the value of their money stored in the crypto...

Prepaid Mastercard from BitPay

14 Jun 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Panzer

BitPay just launched a prepaid Mastercard that lets US customers instantly convert their crypto into fiat without conversion fees and can then spentd it anywhere Mastercard debit is accepted around the world. The customers can also use their cards on...

You could win $121 in DAI every week just by saving your money

12 Jun 2020 7 minute read 2 comments Crypto adict (Manu VZ)

NO CRYPTO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. There is a growing market participating in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), a system with which PoolTogether interacts and that increasingly attracts more people, both specialists and curious. PoolTogether is not only a ne...

Banks becoming Crypto-Friendly ?

11 Jun 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Lodhfiaz

You surely know it and you may have already noticed it, our banks are not huge fans of cryptocurrencies. They don't trust the blockchain system, warn you about a widespread scam or they just see it as a threat to them. There are many reasons for this...

What is USD Coin? How to Buy

10 Jun 2020 1 minute read 0 comments kointimes

What is a USD Coin? How is taken What is a USD Coin? The USD currency is a cryptocurrency that is implemented by Circle. Circle, which has 8 million followers, managed to introduce cryptocurrency to the world and collect demands. The USD currency is...

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What are Stablecoins and how are they different from other cryptocurrencies? One of the major criticisms of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (NOT Stablecoins) is that their price is extremely volatile. Most cryptocurrencies could see price fluctuat...

Coinbase Decreases Interest for USDC Holders by 88%

3 Jun 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Abhimanyu Krishnan

US-based exchange Coinbase on June 2 emailed its users that it would be decreasing the interest rate for its stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) from an annual yield of 1.25% to 0.15% - an 88% drop in return rates for holders. Saying that they periodically as...